Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Blanket Blues Continue

Well I know NEVER to try something new on something important. And yet, I do it time and time again. Kamish's blanket is nearling completion...such as it is. I am just plowing through, because I need to finish it. I am almost to the point of being back at just the pink 'moss' stitch. My first attempt at intarsia is a little disappointing. If I had time I would try some different things but I need to get this damn thing done and I'm JUST going to do it. So the purple inset with the teal heart is going to be one of those things that I add things to until I can stand it. Because the intarsia alone was not very successful. I put a border of a single crochet chain around it, but I am planning to add some teal lace and ribbon. LOL. It's going to be a mess. But it will be done. After that (if I can bear to look into the knitting future...) I am going to make some simple dishcloths for a friend at work. She brought me the yarn and I'm going to do it. If I have to find a pattern. The ironic, funny part is she says I made her some already and she loves them...she must have me confused with another yarn worker. But! I will make her the best dang dishcloths she ever used. I hope. I have a huge bag of yarn from friend Darla but I'm not's very old, and fuzzy. I'm not sure what to do...the idea of a shawl came to me...maybe she suggested it. It's kind of a peach and in the day was a very high dollar yarn. I think it's part merino or angora or something. But you know how when yarn gets really old it sort of turns stiff? This is like that. Not sure if it's the mix or what. But. I may do something amazing anyway.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Baby Blanket Nightmare

I am supposed to be getting ready for a dr. appointment. I don't really want to go and I am on the verge of chickening out- for many reasons. My thumb is so very important to me. So I started Kamisha's baby blanket the first week of July, discovering shortly thereafter that the thing was 6 feet long when I un-needled it. Unraveled and began again, smaller. So far so good. I might have 8-10 inches going. And now I have the possibility of thumb surgery. Aside from the fact that I am a total wuss as far as doctors go, I am beginning to think I can really live with this thing going on rather than fix it. So. I suppose I need to get ready.