Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hissing and Growling

Well, the day has started out calm enough, but we'll see how it goes on. I am knitting a scarf, simple, stockinette with a garter stitch border, nothing special, and I plan on blocking it when I'm done because I am going to embroider it. Or try to. This might be a total mess, but I've got to try. I threw the throw into a basket where I am ignoring it, and I'm pretty much bouncing around small projects, alternately trying to work on the throw when I hit a dull spot. If I manage to make some flowers on this scarf I am going to try more challenging things- the duplicate stitch is something that sounds...FASCINATING!!! I am really excited to try. I have a vision of what I want the scarf to look like, and I hope it's doable. I am not just covering it with flowers, I see some on the ends, and then just a few vining along....if it works out at all. It may. It may not. But, there's always the throw to work on! It's getting too big to put in my bag. It has become a home project now! At least cold weather is coming, so I can use it as a lap robe while I work on it. I am looking forward to trying some of the things I've been thinking about! It's a pity it's all about knitting!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


I am back to the cream, brown and turquoise throw. I am making progress an inch at a time. I'm taking it to work in hopes that I can finish it.....someday. Having a few issues with my keyboard. It's ridiculous. My poor laptop is so ancient and worn out, but still, I keep using it. While I was sick with pneumonia I knitted so much! I also knitted a hat almost entirely in the doctors office, where I had a 3 hour wait. I was reluctant to take the throw with me because of its burgeoning size so the hat is brown, cream and turquoise. A simple toboggan with a giant ball. I have made half a dozen of those this summer. Speaking of that, summer is nearly officially over, and Fall coming along fast. Yay! I can't wait to wear hats and scarves. I will be bitching when it gets cold, but I will at least be wearing a cool scarf for it. So I continue to knit- crochet hasn't really floated my boat much. I will probably try it again.

Friday, September 13, 2013


No! It's not the latest broadway musical, it's what I just had. I am hoping I'm over it. I am feeling better, anyway- but did I knit a lot the last four days. I finished the basket weave scarf- not quite the length that I envisioned but good- and made a huge Dr. Seuse like toboggan with the giant scarf in progress now- purple and green, the yarn that Darla gave to me. The hat makes me very tall. For a while there all I was able to do was knit and sleep. And take pills. Until I got the steroids nothing seemed to be improving, but finally, thanks to Bug, I got them and I'm coming along nicely. Still looking out for my next project- this will be crucial for avoiding smoke at work. It's always been so easy at home. And then I get to the job where cigarettes are everywhere. I just have to remember what I felt like the last two weeks--and the better I feel the harder it is to remember! Idiot. I would love this to be for real this time. Not just a temporary quit. The money saved, the COPD avoided, lack of hassles with the old man..I can only try to be strong and stay cool. And knit~!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Basket Weaving

I am very much enjoying the basket weave stitch! I am making a scarf, very wide, in a sort of rusty cranberry kind of color, and a hat to match, also in the basket weave, which I have never tried before. I am reasonably happy with my progress, and going right along, despite the crippling bout of...bronchitis? Whatever it is I have. It started out as a virus and is now a bacterial infection. I am pitiful! If I felt better I would take pics. I have the crochet scarf done, a hat and scarf I made on huge needles with big thread, and the white hat with matching infinity scarf. And I am sitting next to a camera. Wish I felt better. It's ridiculous to be this sick. I plan on doing a little more crochet- because I should be able to do it and it isn't that hard and I have no idea why it's so bad when I get after it. But knitting will be my first love. I have had more fun making things than is humanly possible. Turtles, octopuses...octopi? Ponchos, and hats, hats, hats. I plan on having a different scarf for every cool day of the winter...whenever it gets here. And some scarves for cool days that just look awesome. No, I don't have a life.