Thursday, November 17, 2011


The cowl alone has been several days monotonous work. Knit one, purl one in two colors. Holding the two strands of yarn isn't hard, you just have to pay attention. Already I'm thinking, the body of the poncho is going to be horrific. Should I try a steek so I can knit it in the round and not have to purl a row of 400 stitches? Dare I try a steek? I mean, I need two rectangular panels, and two sides will be seemed. Then I will be doing the edging in knit/purl rib stitch, which ought to take a thousand years. Mom observed that it might be ready for next fall.
I can see why that thing was 80 bucks. That's not even factoring in all the yarn, which will definitely be more than 5 skeins. At least there is no dye lot number, so I can get more when I need it.
I am up and paying bills. Visited Bug's mom yesterday and had good Mexican food but the texture of it brought to mind something like hydrolyzed vegetable protein or maybe Alpo. Kind of eeeww.
Also dying my hair- blue black this time, which I recall not being crazy about last time but it was this or brown/black. Gray hair sucks.
I plan on doing something fun today. Not sure what. Maybe finishing that cowl!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Poncho Challenge

Once again I find myself starting a project- clumsily- because of my mom.
We were at J C Penney and I saw a knit poncho I liked. Mom was all, well, I'll get it for you. I said, It's 80 bucks. She said, well that's too much. I know! I say. I can make that. No you wont, she replies, and so the journey begins.
I looked online at all kinds of pics, patterns and pieces. I bought yarn last night (not enough, I don't think.) I started the cowl neck, two color rib stitch which is harder than I remember. Of course it's the third or fourth start. First on big circulars, then on small ones because I kept getting lost. I plan on transferring the work to larger needles once I make sure it's not all twisted.
It's a lot of mind work. But I found two shades of purple I love and I think it'll be soft and beautiful when I finish it. I am making a small test pattern on my Jane West doll.
I have spent most of my adult life trying to prove her wrong. I wont quit now!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Still Knitting

And knitting...and knitting some more! I made a hat for Patricia and am now on the scarf. It's hell to knit scarves, they are so very boring. But I'd be lost without my yarn and needles- case in point: Yesterday morning I had a doctor appointment. That is a whole other story I wont go in to, but, to shorten things, it's a miracle I even made it to it. I left the house, got about three blocks away and realized what I thought was a work in progress in my bag was actually a finished project and I was on the way to a waiting room with not only no needles but no yarn either. I stopped at my least favorite Ghetto WalMart three miles from the doctor's office, grabbed a set of needles and some baby purple yarn and went through the self service checkout, actually arriving to my appointment a little early. I was rolling the yarn into a ball in the car at stop lights. Note: I can't knit from a skein of yarn. It all HAS to be rolled into a ball. I don't know why. I've always been like that. I have tried, but the only way I can work is from a round ball of yarn that rolls off across the floor, is stolen by the cat, gets stuck under the car seat and leaves a trailing tail behind me wherever I go. It's that simple. Also, I like to use circular needles in the car so I don't drop one under the seat and lose it forever. Anyhow, I finished rolling the ball in the exam room, sitting in my drawers wearing a gown open at the front, thank you very much. I hadn't put a lot of thought into my wardrobe and I had a pair of panties on that had a spot of hair dye stain on them. GREAT. So I looked at the ball, the needles and wondered what I was going to knit. It turned out to be another scarf. This one for me. If I have enough yarn for it. So I'm working on two intensely boring projects. I was at the doctor's for two hours, so the flying trip to WalMart was completely worth it. I finished the baby things for Sarah's shower, which, somehow I thought was last night and nearly had an attack thinking I'd miss it. I don't know what's up with me. I do know I am stressed. But...who isn't? Today I am planning on taking my mom and brother and husband to the Dutch Pantry, which is a glorious buffet in Chouteau Oklahoma, where the coconut cream pie and banana pudding are all homemade and delightful. Oh, the rest of the food is great, too. But I go for the desserts. Let's not even play. I go for the sweet stuff.