Thursday, November 17, 2011


The cowl alone has been several days monotonous work. Knit one, purl one in two colors. Holding the two strands of yarn isn't hard, you just have to pay attention. Already I'm thinking, the body of the poncho is going to be horrific. Should I try a steek so I can knit it in the round and not have to purl a row of 400 stitches? Dare I try a steek? I mean, I need two rectangular panels, and two sides will be seemed. Then I will be doing the edging in knit/purl rib stitch, which ought to take a thousand years. Mom observed that it might be ready for next fall.
I can see why that thing was 80 bucks. That's not even factoring in all the yarn, which will definitely be more than 5 skeins. At least there is no dye lot number, so I can get more when I need it.
I am up and paying bills. Visited Bug's mom yesterday and had good Mexican food but the texture of it brought to mind something like hydrolyzed vegetable protein or maybe Alpo. Kind of eeeww.
Also dying my hair- blue black this time, which I recall not being crazy about last time but it was this or brown/black. Gray hair sucks.
I plan on doing something fun today. Not sure what. Maybe finishing that cowl!

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