Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ah! Coffee! Nectar of the gods. I haven't had a real cup since July. Bug got me a little 5 cup maker and I guess I'm right back where I was. Can I not quit anything? Maybe not. Eh, whatchagonnado?
Finished the blues hat- I combined cables and stripes and I'm not sure it really did a lot of good on either one. I think I'll try something a little different this next hat, which is beige and brown and cream. I think a solid color shows off the detail of the cables, and a stockinette stitch is the only way stripes look good. We'll see.
It's another gorgeous day, supposed to be hot. I hope it's good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In General

When life is so weird the only thing to do is concentrate on other things.
I had Bug wrap me in duct tape so I could make a new dress dummy. I feel weird about tossing out the old one- after I un-stuff it and render it less like me, if possible.
I hope I can keep on track with my costume. It's almost October.
Thelma the black and white cat is taking advantage of the fact that the closet is open. She sounded like a water buffalo in there.
I don't think I've seen a prettier morning. Figures. On my days off it was horrid and gray.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Because we don't watch the weather, our nice little drive in the country with fishing poles in the back resulted in taking shelter in a casino and waiting out the rain- there are floods everywhere and we had some tense moments getting back home. The last place you should seek shelter is at a casino unless you are very rich!
I finished the wolf hat for Brett and looking at my list (which keeps growing and growing) I am trying to decide who to do next....I had gathered up the yarn to make April's green hat but it's in the car and it's nearly 1:30 am and I don't want to go get it. The next hat is going to be simple and quick. I hope. At least, no ears.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All kinds of Hats

My sewing room is a hellhole so I am trying to organize it somewhat in order to access more than one chair. I finished Donna's hat and it was cute as a bean. Work busy and fast-paced and pretty fun. I like it that way.
This room looks like a junk store. It's nice junk though. I like it. I always say there are good vibes in here. Even with the gigantic Marie skirt blocking the sun. Oh well. I am usually done by now, nothing left but some gewgaws. But this year not so much. I also bought some hot pink items for a different costume idea I have brewing.
I am ignoring everything about real life until further notice.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last Days of Summer

On my trip to Mo I saw all the tell-tale signs of fall, lots of reds and oranges and yellows, but the rain's come pretty regular and hopefully this will be a good autumn for foliage. That's something that I didn't know much about growing up in Wyoming. We had the quaking aspens in the mountains and a bit of cotton wood. There wasn't much fall there, just a day in September when it started snowing.
Here...all four seasons baby, complete with blooming and sneezing. I do love it. I hope I can enjoy the seasons more this time than summer- one of the coolest summers and I never did anything fun during it!
Well- the knitting has been fun. Made a variegated pink and purple cat ear hat for Reita, made dad a beautifully cabled beige and cream hat, working on pale and dark pink cap for Donna. I love my friends and it makes me so happy to give them something that makes them happy. Still working in Terri's fingerless gloves..or not working on them but thinking about it. I was on the verge of trying a different thumb, but I think I'll go back to my old way of doing it and see what happens. I learn something new with every project. It's saved me from going completely nuts.
On my way back from MO I stopped at a casino in Miami. I took in 20 bucks and walked out within 20 minutes with 200! Yay! That helped pay the internet bill!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


dr who hangs complete with ends tucked and fringe sweeping the floor. Makes me think I should sweep the floor, too, but I can't be bothered with that now. I am working on a red and white cap, then making plans for what's next. I am really glad to be done with the who. That was grueling. On to smaller and easier to carry things!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

I'm off today, and harboring plans- but there is a question of some stomach issues. I ate some delicious bbq and now I can't stop hiccuping and other grosser bodily functions and there isn't a Tums in the house to make it that much worse. I think they're in the car. I'm not going out there. Yet. We'll see how bad this gets. Bad enough to get me out of bed at 7!
Plan on sewing a bit- and of course knitting, probably on the Whoscarf. Which I am getting heartily tired of. I doubt I will make another one in this lifetime.
During my online research I have stumbled across many cool and informative sites dealing with 18th century fashion, etiquette and history. This makes me recall the olden days when I used to wander the stacks of the library and choose my books carefully, no more than three or four, those wondrous Claude Manceron books, the Dewey Decimal system, which I know intimately, having worked at the library in college. I loved that! I miss that. Oh, well. This is so much easier. I don't even have to put on shoes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Don't Get Out of Bed

There are some days when I think this but ignore it. There are some days when I should heed this warning. I think most of them are like that, actually. I am beginning to realize as I edge my way toward 50 that life is just a series of tasks and the only way to get through is to get them done. Work work work!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bad Moon Rising

Full moon last night- one of those big golden ones, not quite a Harvest Moon but beautiful nonetheless and of course accompanied by all the lunacy I could wish for.
Phone problems around the house, which is just PEACHY. I am not even going to detail what it's been like!
I finished Terri's hat, then looked at my scarflist and thought, damn thing keeps growing. If I ever finish up, I wont know what to do. A couple months ago I was considering blankets and things but I like something small enough to bring with me. I do have patterns for socks.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Plugging Away

Still working on Dr. Who- I'm close to 3/4 done. Started a red and black cap for Terri, which I hope will have some fingerless gloves with it. I am ready to do something fun. Hats are great. The black and blue I made for Kamisha was adorable. Hope it looks as good on her as it did on me! I am enjoying it. Still not smoking. Watching the US Open. Puked a lot last night after eating Hideaway Pizza, but I don't think it was the pizza. Just little old nauseous me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's September 1st! I view this with mixed feelings. Fall is coming, yay. Winter is coming. Boo. I love fall though, everything about it! Except maybe the ragweed. Which of course has given me a sinus infection. I'm taking antibiotics. Maybe I'll get to feeling better. Trying to render my sewing room habitable. So so. And, conscious that it's September, I began to work on my Marie costume a bit. I decided to use the gold fabric to make a sort of corset and underskirt, and then use the black to make a big poofy gathered up over skirt and bodice. There should be all sorts of scraps to make bows and ruching and extras. I have been knitting so much that my sewing has fallen by the wayside. Now I must do it all!
I'm over half through with the Whoscarf, and not displeased with it as yet. I found a plastic carry bag so I can put it in with a few balls of yarn and keep my other hat-knitting bag free.
I bought Almay PureBlend makeup last week- it was on triple sale of $4 and seemed like a good deal to try. I forgot that I have never ever had any luck with the Almay brand, and this time was no exception. The tinted moisturizer (for that is what it is) was VERY greasy feeling and no coverage. I have pretty good skin so I didn't care about the translucence but the grease! I broke out almost immediately. Used it two days then quit because the pimples were erupting everywhere. GROSS!!! I am so throwing that shit out. I also noticed that my mascara was all under my eyes because it smeared in the oiliness when I blinked. What a mess, It was disgusting. I hope I remember this next time I'm tempted to try Almay. It's not as disappointing as when I realized mineral foundation made me look 10 years older, but close. Almay seems like it should be so great, and I was hoping that my older skin would do well with something supposedly pure and natural. HMPH. No luck there. So far the L'Oreal Age Perfecting is ok, but the color is just a little off. I'm sort of bluish and the yellows and orangey shades just look bad on me.
Well! That was boring.