Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last Days of Summer

On my trip to Mo I saw all the tell-tale signs of fall, lots of reds and oranges and yellows, but the rain's come pretty regular and hopefully this will be a good autumn for foliage. That's something that I didn't know much about growing up in Wyoming. We had the quaking aspens in the mountains and a bit of cotton wood. There wasn't much fall there, just a day in September when it started snowing.
Here...all four seasons baby, complete with blooming and sneezing. I do love it. I hope I can enjoy the seasons more this time than summer- one of the coolest summers and I never did anything fun during it!
Well- the knitting has been fun. Made a variegated pink and purple cat ear hat for Reita, made dad a beautifully cabled beige and cream hat, working on pale and dark pink cap for Donna. I love my friends and it makes me so happy to give them something that makes them happy. Still working in Terri's fingerless gloves..or not working on them but thinking about it. I was on the verge of trying a different thumb, but I think I'll go back to my old way of doing it and see what happens. I learn something new with every project. It's saved me from going completely nuts.
On my way back from MO I stopped at a casino in Miami. I took in 20 bucks and walked out within 20 minutes with 200! Yay! That helped pay the internet bill!

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