Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was sick today- all last night and all of today, and it was the ultimate grodi-ness. I had to do some laundry to deal with the scrubbing and cleaning up I did while I was spewing foul fluids from every orifice. Yuck!
Hardly knit today but the last two days I was really flying. I'm sure I'll find the mistake when I have about two feet on the project. Of course!
I am rather enjoying having a blanket to huddle under. Even if it's a baby size one.
Just sitting up to post this, I already feel sickly again. I'm going to sleep all night and then hope I feel up to going to work tomorrow.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Early to Bed

Started a baby blanket yesterday and I'm already on the second attempt. Using three big skeins in yellow green and pink, it's a basket weave on 5mm needles.
I don't know, it might be a mess.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's been a booger getting used to my new days off. Maybe I'm still not. I am happy that I have worked an entire quarter without missing a day. It's nice to be healthy, I guess.
Not sure how! Yesterday Otis ran between my feet and I fell over, twisting my ankle in the process. Sssss. I guess I'm alright.
I've made three pair of adult size slippers, and yesterday made a red mountain man hat. It's mine. I love it.
I am such a freak and cheapskate, I found glass necklaces on ribbon at the drug store and bought three of them, because metal jewelry makes me itch and these don't hang up on my moles either. Double yay.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One's done. But it's as though, even though I know it's not bad, I'll have to wait and get the second one done to really be able to tell. The opening is kind of big and they're wider than I'd like but they're still pretty cute.
Day off, whoo hoo. Both sewing machines are messed up- Brother with the light out and Old Singer with the plate issue, and they have different bulbs so I can't even do that.
Planning on getting springs today, sometime. I pray they help as much as they did the first time. Mine are worn and uneven. This may be just what I needed.
Thinking a lot of my friend Marci, who has been gone from work 3 years now. I miss her a lot. I want to take my basket o' knits and show her what I've learned. I have a hat she made me. I love it. I wore it extensively in the ice storm of 07.
This time we'll have a generator! Enough to run the fridge maybe.
Maybe things will get better?

Friday, September 17, 2010


It's been three days off from work and I didn't do much more than knit, sew, laundry, a big fish fry with fish tacos (all from the delicious fish caught locally) and naps. Lots and lots of naps! I'm ready for structure again, I guess.
Made a pair of gray baby doll pants and the elastic was too big. Gotta fix that but it looks great with pink and purple sweater.
Looked online at babydoll patterns and it might make more sense to me now. I need to get narrower elastic. I hope I can do something amazing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a Doll

Will soon post pics of my latest...I sewed a little pair of pants, since I'm making baby doll clothes with Cindy. I knitted my first doll sweater and it's...well, flawed, naturally but I had fun.
I'm searching for a slipper pattern. I ran off half a dozen patterns and have some Homespun variegated yarn from my friend Sandy. It's gorgeous yarn. Too scared to touch it!
Went to Hancock's to shop for size 6 dpns and was shocked at how far things have moved down for knitting supplies. 30% off, YAY but they relocated their sad and dwindling stock to the back of the store, one lonely little spot. People just aren't knitting. It's a shame, really.
Dr. Ap today and in fact, TWO of them. Follow up. *sigh*
The bikini was hilarious, and I'm thinking of trying another one before tackling slippers. Learning something new is just pitiful.

Friday, September 3, 2010


In the research and development department, I am working on the bikini bottoms. Since the yarn is 100% wool, it's not like it's a practical garment. It's one of those things. Can it be done? Well of course it can, I've seen others but can it be done by me? Of course it can! Maybe someday I'll be skinny enough with a tan and I can wear it. Once. Before it shrinks or turns into felt or something. I'm considering a few minor adjustments to the top because I know better now, having made Sarah's. If all goes well, which it may or may not, I may think about a tankini. Maybe for me. With a skirt. And a hat. With a veil and maybe a cape. Maybe I'll just knit a burkha.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have been knitting, but I've also been fishing. I didn't catch any yesterday but Bug did and today we had ourselves a fish fry, which was the most amazing food in the entire world. I actually prayed as I was cooking the gorgeous filets, dear God, don't let me fuck this up and waste the food Your creatures provided. And it was delicious. I'm very proud of ourselves, especially since catfish is five bucks
a pound, and crap like tilapia is about the same. This was clean, tasty and free.
Sadly, I am not pursuing the booth at the shop. I just don't have the energy or inclination for it. On the upside, I can take a bunch of junk to Linda's for her late September yard sale..get rid of that hideous owl.
But what to do with the pile of knits? I don't know. I really haven't got a clue. Tote my basket around and sell it out of the car?