Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One's done. But it's as though, even though I know it's not bad, I'll have to wait and get the second one done to really be able to tell. The opening is kind of big and they're wider than I'd like but they're still pretty cute.
Day off, whoo hoo. Both sewing machines are messed up- Brother with the light out and Old Singer with the plate issue, and they have different bulbs so I can't even do that.
Planning on getting springs today, sometime. I pray they help as much as they did the first time. Mine are worn and uneven. This may be just what I needed.
Thinking a lot of my friend Marci, who has been gone from work 3 years now. I miss her a lot. I want to take my basket o' knits and show her what I've learned. I have a hat she made me. I love it. I wore it extensively in the ice storm of 07.
This time we'll have a generator! Enough to run the fridge maybe.
Maybe things will get better?

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