Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a Doll

Will soon post pics of my latest...I sewed a little pair of pants, since I'm making baby doll clothes with Cindy. I knitted my first doll sweater and it's...well, flawed, naturally but I had fun.
I'm searching for a slipper pattern. I ran off half a dozen patterns and have some Homespun variegated yarn from my friend Sandy. It's gorgeous yarn. Too scared to touch it!
Went to Hancock's to shop for size 6 dpns and was shocked at how far things have moved down for knitting supplies. 30% off, YAY but they relocated their sad and dwindling stock to the back of the store, one lonely little spot. People just aren't knitting. It's a shame, really.
Dr. Ap today and in fact, TWO of them. Follow up. *sigh*
The bikini was hilarious, and I'm thinking of trying another one before tackling slippers. Learning something new is just pitiful.

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