Friday, August 17, 2012

Lowered Expectations

Oh I had plans. When I walked out of work that last day, dreading surgery, I secretly had ideas in my head, things I would do, places I would go. Things I would see. Well that really went south. Let me tell you, with knitting I did more unravelling, got pissed and tossed one whole project IN THE TRASH. I started so many things- wanted to do a double knit scarf in black and purple with a matching scarf. Ok really the hat started off as my first attempt at entrelac, and is now a good brim on needles for something or other. I farted around with crochet thread (that's the one in the trash.One long thread is hanging out, and I fleetingly considered untangling the failed attempt to make a lacy scarf knit VERTICALLY, what the hell was I thinking?) I am still on the baby afghan, and I'm giving it to Amber for her upcoming son Lucas Michael If I get it done. At least it isn't awful. I have a scarf on small needles my mom got me at Joann's and that's about a foot and a half of no detectable mistakes so far. I gave up on a lot of things though- the previously documented entrelac, the sparkly black yarn on big needles. I have had a few successful sewing projects at least. And some failures. I go back to work tomorrow. I think, I wont have time to do anything! I wont have a vacation for years, probably. I will be back to business. I am glad of it. I need some structure! I hope I can do this.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've been off a month--over four weeks- and I've done nothing worthwhile and finished nothing at all. The cotton thread has been a bust, my blue baby blanket is wadded up into a pile, I can't get anything to go right, and in a last ditch attempt to make some meaningful progress, I am trying to learn entrelac knitting. Screw it, I am pretty sure I'm brain damaged, just trying to figure this technique out. Oh, it's so easy, everyone on the internet says. Nothing to it! I've tried on two different projects about ten times and still can't get it right. I am an idiot. Even the Old Man remarked how angry I was stuffing my balls of yarn into the bag I keep them in. I just keep trying, I guess. I am still feeling some pain in my abdomen. To be expected I guess. And more importantly, I am suffering from a sinus infection. Got meds yesterday and it seems to be breaking up a little, thank God. My ears were plugged, I was dizzy. I felt so awful. I hope to be healed up and ready to go back to work the 18th. Also, I hope to be able to knit an entrelac scarf. Nothing special, nothing challenging. Or I'm going to throw something.