Friday, August 17, 2012

Lowered Expectations

Oh I had plans. When I walked out of work that last day, dreading surgery, I secretly had ideas in my head, things I would do, places I would go. Things I would see. Well that really went south. Let me tell you, with knitting I did more unravelling, got pissed and tossed one whole project IN THE TRASH. I started so many things- wanted to do a double knit scarf in black and purple with a matching scarf. Ok really the hat started off as my first attempt at entrelac, and is now a good brim on needles for something or other. I farted around with crochet thread (that's the one in the trash.One long thread is hanging out, and I fleetingly considered untangling the failed attempt to make a lacy scarf knit VERTICALLY, what the hell was I thinking?) I am still on the baby afghan, and I'm giving it to Amber for her upcoming son Lucas Michael If I get it done. At least it isn't awful. I have a scarf on small needles my mom got me at Joann's and that's about a foot and a half of no detectable mistakes so far. I gave up on a lot of things though- the previously documented entrelac, the sparkly black yarn on big needles. I have had a few successful sewing projects at least. And some failures. I go back to work tomorrow. I think, I wont have time to do anything! I wont have a vacation for years, probably. I will be back to business. I am glad of it. I need some structure! I hope I can do this.

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