Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tiny Needles

I can't even remember where I bought these tiny circulars but I never used them until I got the urge to try with the cotton thread people make doilies out of. I don't know. It's not going great. I initially tried to make a lace pattern. Kind of sloppy but I would have worn it. Then I decided I'd try something else and it's not going great either but there you go.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


As I contemplate all the joy I have gotten from knitting, I was thinking of the things that I learned along the way that made it more rewarding- oh, after that day I bought the kit at Hancock Fabrics and thought, I'll knit! Struggling awhile, I learned the knit stitch....and then...hmmm....what's all the 'purl' business. The 'purl' stitch is just the 'knit' stitch backwards! Said the book. It's easy! Said the book. You might go watch a friend who knows how to knit...warned the book. I didn't know anyone who knitted. So after knit stitching until I grew bored, I threw the whole pile into the closet until I remembered I had the internet so I got on Youtube and found 'purl' and voila! I learnt me to purl. That was big. A lot of stuff came pretty natural, like changing colors (Although I am still not sure I do this right) and Fair Isle. SIMPLE Fair Isle. Cabling was pretty cool- I loved each new skill I learned. I tried everything, lace stitches (mixed success) and all kinds of 3-D knitting- horns on hats, my snake scarf, ears on hats--ALL KINDS OF EARS- and when I learned how to pick up stitches it was like someone handed me a set of car keys or taught me to weld. I can do anything!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Hats

I knitted a cabled hat yesterday- in green. Green is not my favorite color. I mean, I love it to surround myself- my bedroom has a lot of green. But wearing's just not my color. Probably because of my skin tone. It doesn't flatter me at all. But I had tons of this bright grass green I think mom bought during one of her last attempts to crochet again (That sounds every bit as sad as it is. A girl at work even brought her a special wooden crochet hook to adapt her arthritic hands. The problem is the eyes, though. And the mind. But that's for another blog.) Anyway, I started looking online and found some cool cables slippers- more boot like, just adorable, which I will probably never knit- and stumbled across some hats that were cabled horizontally- which I have already made, thank you very much. But these were a little different, they didn't have a brim- the cable was the brim. The body of the hat rose from the cable in poofed out. The hat I knitted didn't poof much- this was my first try and I was knitting it on big circulars- but I like it. I started a muffler. Also cabled. And I am thinking of making boot cuffs...also cabled. I am going to get a picture of everything I've made this last week- there's a lot. And I fully intend to wear the bright green ensemble in the dead of winter. No matter how washed out it makes me look.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Magic Loop

You know I think I have done this accidentally while making hats. And I have made a lot of hats- just since I've been off. I made a pink cap...
And then I made a beard hat- silly but surprisingly warm....
And the sad fact is I want to keep them both. I was thinking, the whole time I knitted the pink cap that it was going to have to go to a kid- but it fits perfectly. Hugs the head! I LOVE it. I must keep it. I made the whole thing Friday mostly at the dentist office. I am not paying enough attention to the cable slipper tutorial. But I will make some for myself. And maybe mom for Christmas. Blue ones for her. Of course what I've seen I can already do in my sleep. I am proud of my knitting- like, if someone asks me about it, I admit that I have only been knitting awhile (probably close to 10 years. Frankly I can't recall!) But right out of the gate I was making cables and doing 3-d stuff and really challenging myself. I do love to knit. It has been such a gift and blessing in my life. How many long waits would have been dreadful without yarn and needles! How many people I've been able to give something handmade and personal thanks to the yarn. I love it. It's enriched my life to a degree I can't really emphasize enough. Knitting has made me happy.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scarf and Hat

I knitted a soft pink baby yarn hat- it gave me some ideas. I finished the ribbon scarf in purple. I liked the hat well enough but I have some ideas now about the top- which I did as usual in cable. I think I might try it again, without the purling around the cables. Maybe. I'm going to make one for Linda at Canoe Brook, because she is one of mom's and my favorite- though there are so many great people there. I'm going to make a purple and black hat for William at work too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Hats and two Dishcloths

While that could be a fascinating movie title, it's more likely a list of stuff I've knitted. I finished the two caps for Natalie and Diana, and whipped up a quick beanie with a little ribbon for my dear friend Ruby who is battling breast cancer. The blue cap was so easy because there was a prayer for her health and happiness in every stitch. I kept thinking, Dear God let this bless her and ease her and help her feel better. I hope it works. It's made of baby yarn, so soft, and not too heavy, with a little navy blue ribbon.
I am not sure about the dishcloths. The first one I followed a pattern and wasn't that impressed. The second one I went off on a tangent and still...not that impressed. It doesn't help that I have no idea what she wants. I am sure she will be disappointed, no matter what. People always are.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Little Girls' Hats

I've got the hats for Natalie and Diana knit- no pom pom on top yet. And gearing up to make the dishcloths for my friend at work. I found a pattern on Lion Brand that I like and I am hoping to turn out some great dishcloths in short period of time. All the reviews talked about how fast they knit up and how great they are. We'll see! I've been knitting for years and never wanted to make a dishcloth. I figure I'll make one and then see if that's what she wanted.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Keyhole Scarf

As old as I am, I learn something new every day. This time it was the fuzzy muffler, to go with the fuzzy hat- I didn't have enough yarn to make a proper scarf so I was just going with a muffler. But then on impulse I made a keyhole to slide the scarf through, and I am DELIGHTED with the results. Not to mention that I can make a really cool scarf in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the yarn. I know I've seen this done but this was the first time I ever tried it. Awesome. I am planning on making some hats for Natalie and Diana, the little girls at Los Indios, and then of course the DAMN DISHCLOTHS...oh, dear. I am pitiful! At least it's a small project. I'm going to try and get a pic of the keyhole scarf.

Friday, August 8, 2014


After the horrors of the blanket (which is in a gift bag, with the hat, hanging on a doorknob right now, ready to go to work with me) I am finding myself, as usual, at loose ends. What now? I am, of course, still on the Fuzzy Muffler (doesn't that sound like some kind of sad strip club?) and the possibility of dish cloths....and of course I can always knock out a hat in a few days....but I have the feeling that I'm forgetting something. Someone out there is pregnant, or has a grand kid on the way, and I am NOT knitting a hat for the baby right now. What I need to do is come up with a better set of baby booties. And I need to work on being a better crochet-er. Because there are so many adorable crochet patterns, and knit patterns, not so much. There are many things I need to do to expand my craft, and I plan on doing them all. I love needle work, it's a dying art in our fast-paced modern world where it certainly is cheaper to buy it ready made. But everyone needs something hand made, just for them. Probably a hat from me! But I always hit this slump when I finish a big project, which is why I usually keep multiple projects going. One big thing I can pick up any time and something little I can finish in a couple days. This is why I am the owner of so many hats. Once I perfect the muffler, that will be so much more fun to knit than a scarf. *What I really need to do is DUST. Not

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bad PIcs

There it is.
I tried!


I don't know if I FINISHED the baby blanket, but I bound off and stuck it in a sack with some ribbons on it. I'm done, anyway. I am not completely unhappy with it. The somewhat failed attempt at intarsia I covered up with some lace and ribbons...dear God, I go baroque or rococo so easy. I am at least not working on it anymore. Instead knitting a muffler in the fuzzy white, hoping there's enough to wrap around my throat and put the red fuzzy stuff on it. We shall see. Then next? I probably better find a pattern for dishcloths and get to knitting. Thank GOD for knitting. If I didn't have it I would probably tear my hair out. What did I do before??? Oh yeah, I smoked. That's what. This is better.

Baby Blanket...Hat

I made a hat to go with the baby blanket. It took all of two hours, and still yet I am slogging away at this thing. This is exactly why I hate doing long- or big projects. I just haven't got it. I keep trying, because that's what knitters do- different things. But for true happiness I will throw together a hat. The fuzzy hat I made is getting a muffler. That heavy, weird yard isn't good for much else. Of course I haven't had to worry too much about hats or mufflers in this August heat! it's raining today, though. I love August rain. Little bit of thunder....good day to stay home and knit. Unfortunately I am getting ready for my real job, which doesn't involve knitting. Boo.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Soft Fuzzies

That's the soft fuzzy hat. HIDEOUS! And yet I have more of the yarn so I may knit a furred collar to go with it. My problem with that fur yarn is every time I edge a hat with it and bind off, it becomes very tight. I must remember to make it significantly bigger, or loosen it. Or something. I've had to mess with it every time and that yarn is unforgiving. I mean 'unforgiving' in that you can't go back and fix a mistake. Or even unravel. It's a mess, and you have one shot to get it right.

Amanda Hat

I knitted this hat for my friend Amanda who is going on to school, and better things I hope. I will certainly miss her. I know I will miss that hat. I tried it on and it fit so nicely. It was another one I did with the 'moss' stitch as brim instead of 1p1k rib stitch. I can't keep them all, that's for sure. I experimented with some very BIG yarn I have. Meh. I also have yarn my friend from work brought for the dishcloths. So I might better start learning how to make those...and here is my mind set in that regard...people make those when they are learning to knit. Ought to be a piece of cake. And I may learn something to help me now! We shall see. At any rate, I have things I need to do (Finish that baby blanket, as uninspired. SO UNINSPIRED. Like i know it can't turn out well at this point and I am just prolonging the inevitable.) I also whipped up a hat from some thick, terry cloth like yarn I got a long time ago. I need to take a pic of that and I think I will!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hat and Scarf

I finished the moss stitch scarf and put it with the hat and actually have a picture. A terrible one, but nonetheless....