Saturday, August 30, 2014


As I contemplate all the joy I have gotten from knitting, I was thinking of the things that I learned along the way that made it more rewarding- oh, after that day I bought the kit at Hancock Fabrics and thought, I'll knit! Struggling awhile, I learned the knit stitch....and then...hmmm....what's all the 'purl' business. The 'purl' stitch is just the 'knit' stitch backwards! Said the book. It's easy! Said the book. You might go watch a friend who knows how to knit...warned the book. I didn't know anyone who knitted. So after knit stitching until I grew bored, I threw the whole pile into the closet until I remembered I had the internet so I got on Youtube and found 'purl' and voila! I learnt me to purl. That was big. A lot of stuff came pretty natural, like changing colors (Although I am still not sure I do this right) and Fair Isle. SIMPLE Fair Isle. Cabling was pretty cool- I loved each new skill I learned. I tried everything, lace stitches (mixed success) and all kinds of 3-D knitting- horns on hats, my snake scarf, ears on hats--ALL KINDS OF EARS- and when I learned how to pick up stitches it was like someone handed me a set of car keys or taught me to weld. I can do anything!!!!

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