Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Hats and two Dishcloths

While that could be a fascinating movie title, it's more likely a list of stuff I've knitted. I finished the two caps for Natalie and Diana, and whipped up a quick beanie with a little ribbon for my dear friend Ruby who is battling breast cancer. The blue cap was so easy because there was a prayer for her health and happiness in every stitch. I kept thinking, Dear God let this bless her and ease her and help her feel better. I hope it works. It's made of baby yarn, so soft, and not too heavy, with a little navy blue ribbon.
I am not sure about the dishcloths. The first one I followed a pattern and wasn't that impressed. The second one I went off on a tangent and still...not that impressed. It doesn't help that I have no idea what she wants. I am sure she will be disappointed, no matter what. People always are.

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