Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Hats

I knitted a cabled hat yesterday- in green. Green is not my favorite color. I mean, I love it to surround myself- my bedroom has a lot of green. But wearing it...it's just not my color. Probably because of my skin tone. It doesn't flatter me at all. But I had tons of this bright grass green I think mom bought during one of her last attempts to crochet again (That sounds every bit as sad as it is. A girl at work even brought her a special wooden crochet hook to adapt her arthritic hands. The problem is the eyes, though. And the mind. But that's for another blog.) Anyway, I started looking online and found some cool cables slippers- more boot like, just adorable, which I will probably never knit- and stumbled across some hats that were cabled horizontally- which I have already made, thank you very much. But these were a little different, they didn't have a brim- the cable was the brim. The body of the hat rose from the cable in poofed out. The hat I knitted didn't poof much- this was my first try and I was knitting it on big circulars- but I like it. I started a muffler. Also cabled. And I am thinking of making boot cuffs...also cabled. I am going to get a picture of everything I've made this last week- there's a lot. And I fully intend to wear the bright green ensemble in the dead of winter. No matter how washed out it makes me look.

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