Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Amanda Hat

I knitted this hat for my friend Amanda who is going on to school, and better things I hope. I will certainly miss her. I know I will miss that hat. I tried it on and it fit so nicely. It was another one I did with the 'moss' stitch as brim instead of 1p1k rib stitch. I can't keep them all, that's for sure. I experimented with some very BIG yarn I have. Meh. I also have yarn my friend from work brought for the dishcloths. So I might better start learning how to make those...and here is my mind set in that regard...people make those when they are learning to knit. Ought to be a piece of cake. And I may learn something to help me now! We shall see. At any rate, I have things I need to do (Finish that baby blanket, as well.....so uninspired. SO UNINSPIRED. Like i know it can't turn out well at this point and I am just prolonging the inevitable.) I also whipped up a hat from some thick, terry cloth like yarn I got a long time ago. I need to take a pic of that and I think I will!

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