Sunday, December 28, 2014

Donna's Hat

Hard to tell that it's purple and cream. It will be lovely on Donna- and more importantly, it wont crush her hair. I hope. I knitted kind of an anonymous hat (OK it was for someone and I changed my mind) but it kind of inspired me. I need to have more boy hats lying around. Next year. Next year.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Due Diligence

I am trying to like longer projects- change my mindset from, JUST GET THIS OVER WITH (and a sidenote- how much of my life have I failed to appreciate by just getting it over with??? Most of it, I am afraid. I am trying to learn PATIENCE.) so there I am knitting yards and yards of beige and I realize, this IS going to help me learn to be more patient. As if doctor offices and hospital rooms haven't. But I also am trying to ignore my inner critic- look at those crooked stitches...look at that..and that...replace it with, "It'll be ok when I block it later. Who cares?" I took the teal blue and fuzzy mess hat and cowl to Bonnie at the Doc's office, because of the millions of wonderful things that she does. I also picked up candy for the enormously adorable nursing staff at Canoe Brook, because they are so great. I couldn't survive without them. I am not kidding either. I couldn't make it a day. So, the long project clause is in effect (I can knit a hat in there somewhere if I get bored- or if someone needs one) and I am just doing my best to get by.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Blue Skinny Scarf

The knotty yarn didn't turn out anything like I expected. I put some long fringe on and intend to wear it. Working on the wrap in beige which has garter stitch edging, knitted in stockinette. It's a satisfyingly long project. I knitted two purple and cream hats for the adorable girls at Los Indios...which is awesome, because it's going to be cold someday and they'll need it. I slept with my size 6 circulars around my neck last night. Not sure how it happened but this morning...there they are! I need a project small enough to carry around in my purse. That is one of the bad things about knitting big stuff- you are pretty much stationary until the knitting is done. I need to get ready for work. Don't feel like it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Just Sick

I should be ashamed of myself. I am. Sort of. I started a purple and cream hat and still have the blue green knotty scarf on my purse... But I have an idea for another project. And this doesn't make a lot of sense either. I want to make a wrap (seriously? yep.) based on a wrap I already own. Just can't figure out color and stitches...when I could just use the wrap I have. Oh but it's not knit and it attracts lint. So that will probably be after or during hats

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I let the dogs out this morning and it really looked like fall was over and the season had changed. The grass in Rod and Tess' back yard was all brown (we say brown, but it isn't brown. It's kind of yellow. Straw like) At any rate, the leaves are all down and the trees are naked and sad. This is the time of year when knitters are rampant! I don't have a season. I will knit in the 115* heat, just as easily as by the fire (I only wish I had a fireplace.) But I do feel that winter knitting is the best- and wearing the things you've made is awesome. Few years ago I bought a wrap on sale at wal mart for like a buck fifty and I am thinking of using it as a pattern for a knit wrap. Also, in wearing the hooded scarf....It might be perfect for someone about five feet tall, but I am going to either have to expand it or block it with heat-and the idea of knitting more of it just makes me tired so I guess we can all figure out what's going to happen.... I suppose it's nice to have something I can be so publicly passionate about= I am proud to be a knitter, I am happy to talk about it with strangers and I don't have to hide it or make excuses- much unlike anything else I've ever liked. So it's been good to me. And I think I'm going to make another wrap. And if I decide I want a hood on it....I might do it. The possibilities are endless!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hopeful Future

Here it is the first of December and i am thinking optimistically of things to come. I ordered a tablet, so I am hoping to be able to post pics of my knitting a little easier. I view my laziness with disgust, that it's too much of a pain to take a pic with a digital camera, download the pics from the sd card to my laptop and then find them for whatever weird purpose... But being a lazy wench, yes, it would be better if I could take pics from a device and add them to my blog easily. (What do I want, exactly? For my thoughts to materialize with illustrations? Shudder...) I'm knitting the fuzzy variegated blue is lovely in color but what a total pain! I realize I will have to keep it as there are at least two pretty good mistakes i can't stop staring at, and if I wear it I wont care. I don't know what I'm going to do for mom...Christmas is coming fast, and I can't buy her anything..maybe a pedicure or find her a night gown....I don't know. I love her. That's for another blog. I am wearing the hood today, since it's cold and windy- but what a number it does on my hair...which doesn't need to be any rattier than it already is. I am even thinking of either blocking the hood or knitting the wings a little longer, then I think, nah, I'll just wear it.....

Friday, November 14, 2014


Well I finished the hood last night.
The wings were so crunched up- as is typical with cabling, so I ironed it to block it...which had mixed success.
Man you can really see the difference in the color- since the blocking darkened the wings a bit.
I made the hood part ruffled and tasseled. Which is just what an older woman needs to be seen in public in. And it shows every single bit of lint and dog hair like it had a microscope on it. FABULOUS. But guess what??? I will wear that bitch with happiness, and hopefully warmth. I can throw it on over my work clothes and go. I still love it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shout Out

My following has doubled on this blog! Yay-uh! Tabby, you'll be disappointed, but I give you kudos for trying. LOVE YA LOTS!!! I'm slogging away at the red hood. It's an unbearable task at this point. I am on the last section and the part I've finished has done that thing that cables do--squished up and become small and pitiful....I think, yeah, I can just block it when I'm done...but every time I have attempted to block a synthetic fiber it's been a disaster..or if not a disaster, it has at least completely changed the project. And not a little. I'm going to take a picture of it but I'm wearing the damn thing anyway. I made it for the cold and the cold is here.

Friday, November 7, 2014


SO I started knitting the little red riding hood and used an entire skein just on the hood. Couldn't find another skein when I checked WalMart and thought...well, there's some red that's pretty I checked back and found a single skein of the Berry Red (or Red Berry. Not sure which.) So I knit the back of the hood....then I've got this long thing and I'm thinking, I will need at LEAST two or more skeins of this stuff...can't find it. So I choose the CLOSE color. And I bought two large skeins in case I need it. And in some lights, you can hardly tell the difference. The original is a little tiny bit lighter, with more yellow, and a little shine. The new color is duller, darker and redder. And in other lights it just doesn't even look like the colors are in the same family. CRAP! Lesson learned. Buy a lot if you plan on making something big. But I didn't plan on making something big. It just went that way. I also went back to one of those fancy schmancy scarves in black I made a long time ago, unraveled and then rolled into a ball. I fished it out and started it about 8 times, each time less satisfied with the ruffliness. That's floating around in my bag because the Red Hood is no longer portable. I don't know what's going to happen next. Maybe a hat.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Life in the Hood

Ha! I found one skein of red berry yarn. SHIT. I figure, there are other Wal Marts. I'm just going to keep knitting. I went on cabling the body of the...whatever it is. I really think it's going to be a hooded wrap/ scarf type thing. I wanted something to grab and put over my work clothes when it's chilly. I think cables are so gorgeous. I love them, and this is going to be a lot of them. I'm enjoying it. I realize now I shouldn't have put the tassle on the hood yet, as a great deal of flipping back and forth is not doing it any good at all. But live and learn. Sometimes lately I've got the idea that I am invincible when it comes to is the best media to work in- if you make a mistake you can always start over, when you learn how to pick up stitches you can go's great! I love it so much. My hands are getting a little sore but as long as I don't do a lot of little tight fiddly things it's bearable.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Red Riding FAIL

Crap! I went to Wal Mart yesterday in search of more red yarn for the project and guess what? That's right. No red yarn. Not in the color I need anyway. RATS!!! I was so disgusted but at the same time thinking, figures. I've been cabling away, and I may have enough yarn to make the actual hood, but that's it. So I don't know where to go with it next. Maybe I'll just make a hood and that will be that?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Red Riding Hood

I have avoided using red to make anything because of little red riding hood, but this time screw it I'm making a red hood with maybe a red cape attached....years ago when I made my fleece poncho I avoided red. But this next project I am going to indulge my love of the color red and be done with it. I don't care what anyone says.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well-I wont be posting as much in the future, possibly, but that's ok. I figure no one will notice anyway! I'm getting geared up to disconnect my internet and TV-- really, there are 23 channels on antenna and I can take my computer to work if I need to do anything with wifi. I will still be knitting! Probably knitting more than ever! I hope to save about $200 a month without the delicious, deadly Uverse. Yep. Gourmet TV is about to go. So without TV and internet I should really be knitting a lot. We shall see! ****Oh, I am a big ol' drama queen. I am embarrassed to say I have decided to find a way to keep everything I want. I think. More like I accept the fact that I am going to be paying a crippling entertainment fee this winter. I don't care. There's nothing else to do! It's too cold.****

Friday, October 3, 2014


I made a teal ear flap hat. Now I'm working on a furry edged teal hat.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Big Yarn

I made a hat and scarf with the grey and lavender yarn I got on super sale. My pics are always crap but I like the heaviness of the fabric and the warmth I will no doubt enjoy in the dead of winter. My next project will be the yarn I got because I fell in love with the color. I love the dark teal that wont look good on me. But that's never stopped me!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I've been knitting a lot- and sewing a little, as well--but that's for another blog.
I got the buttons put on for the green muffler, and made a hat in some kind of heavy yarn that I wont buy on a whim again. Then I made a green and white striped hat and sort of got out of hand with the fuzzy brim.
Keep on knittin'!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tiny Needles

I can't even remember where I bought these tiny circulars but I never used them until I got the urge to try with the cotton thread people make doilies out of. I don't know. It's not going great. I initially tried to make a lace pattern. Kind of sloppy but I would have worn it. Then I decided I'd try something else and it's not going great either but there you go.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


As I contemplate all the joy I have gotten from knitting, I was thinking of the things that I learned along the way that made it more rewarding- oh, after that day I bought the kit at Hancock Fabrics and thought, I'll knit! Struggling awhile, I learned the knit stitch....and then...hmmm....what's all the 'purl' business. The 'purl' stitch is just the 'knit' stitch backwards! Said the book. It's easy! Said the book. You might go watch a friend who knows how to knit...warned the book. I didn't know anyone who knitted. So after knit stitching until I grew bored, I threw the whole pile into the closet until I remembered I had the internet so I got on Youtube and found 'purl' and voila! I learnt me to purl. That was big. A lot of stuff came pretty natural, like changing colors (Although I am still not sure I do this right) and Fair Isle. SIMPLE Fair Isle. Cabling was pretty cool- I loved each new skill I learned. I tried everything, lace stitches (mixed success) and all kinds of 3-D knitting- horns on hats, my snake scarf, ears on hats--ALL KINDS OF EARS- and when I learned how to pick up stitches it was like someone handed me a set of car keys or taught me to weld. I can do anything!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Hats

I knitted a cabled hat yesterday- in green. Green is not my favorite color. I mean, I love it to surround myself- my bedroom has a lot of green. But wearing's just not my color. Probably because of my skin tone. It doesn't flatter me at all. But I had tons of this bright grass green I think mom bought during one of her last attempts to crochet again (That sounds every bit as sad as it is. A girl at work even brought her a special wooden crochet hook to adapt her arthritic hands. The problem is the eyes, though. And the mind. But that's for another blog.) Anyway, I started looking online and found some cool cables slippers- more boot like, just adorable, which I will probably never knit- and stumbled across some hats that were cabled horizontally- which I have already made, thank you very much. But these were a little different, they didn't have a brim- the cable was the brim. The body of the hat rose from the cable in poofed out. The hat I knitted didn't poof much- this was my first try and I was knitting it on big circulars- but I like it. I started a muffler. Also cabled. And I am thinking of making boot cuffs...also cabled. I am going to get a picture of everything I've made this last week- there's a lot. And I fully intend to wear the bright green ensemble in the dead of winter. No matter how washed out it makes me look.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Magic Loop

You know I think I have done this accidentally while making hats. And I have made a lot of hats- just since I've been off. I made a pink cap...
And then I made a beard hat- silly but surprisingly warm....
And the sad fact is I want to keep them both. I was thinking, the whole time I knitted the pink cap that it was going to have to go to a kid- but it fits perfectly. Hugs the head! I LOVE it. I must keep it. I made the whole thing Friday mostly at the dentist office. I am not paying enough attention to the cable slipper tutorial. But I will make some for myself. And maybe mom for Christmas. Blue ones for her. Of course what I've seen I can already do in my sleep. I am proud of my knitting- like, if someone asks me about it, I admit that I have only been knitting awhile (probably close to 10 years. Frankly I can't recall!) But right out of the gate I was making cables and doing 3-d stuff and really challenging myself. I do love to knit. It has been such a gift and blessing in my life. How many long waits would have been dreadful without yarn and needles! How many people I've been able to give something handmade and personal thanks to the yarn. I love it. It's enriched my life to a degree I can't really emphasize enough. Knitting has made me happy.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scarf and Hat

I knitted a soft pink baby yarn hat- it gave me some ideas. I finished the ribbon scarf in purple. I liked the hat well enough but I have some ideas now about the top- which I did as usual in cable. I think I might try it again, without the purling around the cables. Maybe. I'm going to make one for Linda at Canoe Brook, because she is one of mom's and my favorite- though there are so many great people there. I'm going to make a purple and black hat for William at work too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Hats and two Dishcloths

While that could be a fascinating movie title, it's more likely a list of stuff I've knitted. I finished the two caps for Natalie and Diana, and whipped up a quick beanie with a little ribbon for my dear friend Ruby who is battling breast cancer. The blue cap was so easy because there was a prayer for her health and happiness in every stitch. I kept thinking, Dear God let this bless her and ease her and help her feel better. I hope it works. It's made of baby yarn, so soft, and not too heavy, with a little navy blue ribbon.
I am not sure about the dishcloths. The first one I followed a pattern and wasn't that impressed. The second one I went off on a tangent and still...not that impressed. It doesn't help that I have no idea what she wants. I am sure she will be disappointed, no matter what. People always are.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Little Girls' Hats

I've got the hats for Natalie and Diana knit- no pom pom on top yet. And gearing up to make the dishcloths for my friend at work. I found a pattern on Lion Brand that I like and I am hoping to turn out some great dishcloths in short period of time. All the reviews talked about how fast they knit up and how great they are. We'll see! I've been knitting for years and never wanted to make a dishcloth. I figure I'll make one and then see if that's what she wanted.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Keyhole Scarf

As old as I am, I learn something new every day. This time it was the fuzzy muffler, to go with the fuzzy hat- I didn't have enough yarn to make a proper scarf so I was just going with a muffler. But then on impulse I made a keyhole to slide the scarf through, and I am DELIGHTED with the results. Not to mention that I can make a really cool scarf in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the yarn. I know I've seen this done but this was the first time I ever tried it. Awesome. I am planning on making some hats for Natalie and Diana, the little girls at Los Indios, and then of course the DAMN DISHCLOTHS...oh, dear. I am pitiful! At least it's a small project. I'm going to try and get a pic of the keyhole scarf.

Friday, August 8, 2014


After the horrors of the blanket (which is in a gift bag, with the hat, hanging on a doorknob right now, ready to go to work with me) I am finding myself, as usual, at loose ends. What now? I am, of course, still on the Fuzzy Muffler (doesn't that sound like some kind of sad strip club?) and the possibility of dish cloths....and of course I can always knock out a hat in a few days....but I have the feeling that I'm forgetting something. Someone out there is pregnant, or has a grand kid on the way, and I am NOT knitting a hat for the baby right now. What I need to do is come up with a better set of baby booties. And I need to work on being a better crochet-er. Because there are so many adorable crochet patterns, and knit patterns, not so much. There are many things I need to do to expand my craft, and I plan on doing them all. I love needle work, it's a dying art in our fast-paced modern world where it certainly is cheaper to buy it ready made. But everyone needs something hand made, just for them. Probably a hat from me! But I always hit this slump when I finish a big project, which is why I usually keep multiple projects going. One big thing I can pick up any time and something little I can finish in a couple days. This is why I am the owner of so many hats. Once I perfect the muffler, that will be so much more fun to knit than a scarf. *What I really need to do is DUST. Not

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bad PIcs

There it is.
I tried!


I don't know if I FINISHED the baby blanket, but I bound off and stuck it in a sack with some ribbons on it. I'm done, anyway. I am not completely unhappy with it. The somewhat failed attempt at intarsia I covered up with some lace and ribbons...dear God, I go baroque or rococo so easy. I am at least not working on it anymore. Instead knitting a muffler in the fuzzy white, hoping there's enough to wrap around my throat and put the red fuzzy stuff on it. We shall see. Then next? I probably better find a pattern for dishcloths and get to knitting. Thank GOD for knitting. If I didn't have it I would probably tear my hair out. What did I do before??? Oh yeah, I smoked. That's what. This is better.

Baby Blanket...Hat

I made a hat to go with the baby blanket. It took all of two hours, and still yet I am slogging away at this thing. This is exactly why I hate doing long- or big projects. I just haven't got it. I keep trying, because that's what knitters do- different things. But for true happiness I will throw together a hat. The fuzzy hat I made is getting a muffler. That heavy, weird yard isn't good for much else. Of course I haven't had to worry too much about hats or mufflers in this August heat! it's raining today, though. I love August rain. Little bit of thunder....good day to stay home and knit. Unfortunately I am getting ready for my real job, which doesn't involve knitting. Boo.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Soft Fuzzies

That's the soft fuzzy hat. HIDEOUS! And yet I have more of the yarn so I may knit a furred collar to go with it. My problem with that fur yarn is every time I edge a hat with it and bind off, it becomes very tight. I must remember to make it significantly bigger, or loosen it. Or something. I've had to mess with it every time and that yarn is unforgiving. I mean 'unforgiving' in that you can't go back and fix a mistake. Or even unravel. It's a mess, and you have one shot to get it right.

Amanda Hat

I knitted this hat for my friend Amanda who is going on to school, and better things I hope. I will certainly miss her. I know I will miss that hat. I tried it on and it fit so nicely. It was another one I did with the 'moss' stitch as brim instead of 1p1k rib stitch. I can't keep them all, that's for sure. I experimented with some very BIG yarn I have. Meh. I also have yarn my friend from work brought for the dishcloths. So I might better start learning how to make those...and here is my mind set in that regard...people make those when they are learning to knit. Ought to be a piece of cake. And I may learn something to help me now! We shall see. At any rate, I have things I need to do (Finish that baby blanket, as uninspired. SO UNINSPIRED. Like i know it can't turn out well at this point and I am just prolonging the inevitable.) I also whipped up a hat from some thick, terry cloth like yarn I got a long time ago. I need to take a pic of that and I think I will!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hat and Scarf

I finished the moss stitch scarf and put it with the hat and actually have a picture. A terrible one, but nonetheless....

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Blanket Blues Continue

Well I know NEVER to try something new on something important. And yet, I do it time and time again. Kamish's blanket is nearling completion...such as it is. I am just plowing through, because I need to finish it. I am almost to the point of being back at just the pink 'moss' stitch. My first attempt at intarsia is a little disappointing. If I had time I would try some different things but I need to get this damn thing done and I'm JUST going to do it. So the purple inset with the teal heart is going to be one of those things that I add things to until I can stand it. Because the intarsia alone was not very successful. I put a border of a single crochet chain around it, but I am planning to add some teal lace and ribbon. LOL. It's going to be a mess. But it will be done. After that (if I can bear to look into the knitting future...) I am going to make some simple dishcloths for a friend at work. She brought me the yarn and I'm going to do it. If I have to find a pattern. The ironic, funny part is she says I made her some already and she loves them...she must have me confused with another yarn worker. But! I will make her the best dang dishcloths she ever used. I hope. I have a huge bag of yarn from friend Darla but I'm not's very old, and fuzzy. I'm not sure what to do...the idea of a shawl came to me...maybe she suggested it. It's kind of a peach and in the day was a very high dollar yarn. I think it's part merino or angora or something. But you know how when yarn gets really old it sort of turns stiff? This is like that. Not sure if it's the mix or what. But. I may do something amazing anyway.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Baby Blanket Nightmare

I am supposed to be getting ready for a dr. appointment. I don't really want to go and I am on the verge of chickening out- for many reasons. My thumb is so very important to me. So I started Kamisha's baby blanket the first week of July, discovering shortly thereafter that the thing was 6 feet long when I un-needled it. Unraveled and began again, smaller. So far so good. I might have 8-10 inches going. And now I have the possibility of thumb surgery. Aside from the fact that I am a total wuss as far as doctors go, I am beginning to think I can really live with this thing going on rather than fix it. So. I suppose I need to get ready.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Neopolitan Hat

The light doesn't do this magnificent hat justice, but I love it! I am also probably keeping it. And knitting a scarf to go with it. Started the brim with a 'moss stitch'- or my interpretation of one. I didn't do a rib stitch at all and I love the way it hugs onto your head without the structure of ribbing. I have made many many hats this way, then added ear flaps, but this one, I just thought, I can't do that to you, you pretty, pretty hat. I am going to wear your ice cream colors as is. So the scarf is going to be a 'moss stitch' too. All that is it, k-p-k-p-k-p and then the next row p-k-p-k-p-k- on and on and on. In the three colors. I am sure I will go crazy at some time, but I am in the mood for a not too much thought pattern. Of course I really need to be getting in gear with K's baby gift, but I have til August...I think...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lace Hat

I knit a lace hat in sparkly pink and purple. I love it and can't wait til it's not 100 degrees out so I can wear it. It snowed up in WY this weekend. That is where all menopausal sweat box ladies should be. I am gearing up for a baby gift for one of my dearest friends at work Kamisha, who is due in a couple months. I need to find pink, blue and teal to go together...but I don't know if I should try a blanket...ugh. I am so very BAD at blankets. I'm not much good at hats for babies, either! I probably should wait to post until I am feeling accomplished and awesome instead of the way I do now!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I haven't been knitting the last few days. OMG! I suppose it's because the last project I worked on met with a disaster in my I almost never carry somehow got smeared on it. INFAMY! And then...I just don't seem to have any ideas for an interesting project. I don't know. I love knitting and I am going to have to get another project underway at once.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Still At IT!

I was making a baby hat and scarf for a friend and damned if I didn't make the hat too little. Poop. It seems lately I have been making more and more decisions to use tiny balls of yarn and I'm worried about running out of this one, one of a kind color I will NEVER find far. Like I need any more excitement. I've been massively preoccupied with my mom (but that's a whole nother blog) and general trying to hold it togetherness. I mean, I am really having a hard time. It's ridiculous. I wont get into it, that's for another blog too. So suffice it to say, I would be a lot happier if I were knitting more! Not sure what to knit next. I love hats. I really do. I posted dozens of them on my facebook page! I wish I could wear them all! So obviously I will knit more and more of them. Going to come up with a summer hat idea. Maybe visor? I think I could do it.......

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Amazing that I love those damn hats so much. I took pics of them and put 'em on Facebook- like I needed any proof for my friends and co-workers to know I was a nutcase. I enjoyed making them and I love wearing them. That's why summer sucks!

Monday, April 14, 2014


I suck at crochet- and I've tried it. It's ridiculous that I can't get it. I was so disgusted the last time I tried that I went right back to hats. I am working on a hat for Ruby's grand daughter. I also decided I was going to get pictured of everything I made before giving it away...then my webcam went to crap so I am delayed until I purchase a new webcam. Frankly, that old webcam was crappy anyway- the only thing that disappointed me in my new laptop. Whatever, I am keeping up my knitting, and looking longingly at the crochet work of my friends. They make it look so easy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dr. Who

ALMOST done with the 4th and final Who inspired scarf. I got about a foot left. Then all the fringe and tying off. Maybe next week I will finish. Started a few projects for Ruby's granddaughters using the yarn she brought. I'm just going to free-ball it and see what happens. I love the funky ear flap hats, and the one I am making now is moss-stitch on the brim and flaps, which looks really nice. I love knitting! I had PLANNED on making a slideshow of my various hats- just the ones for my personal use- but something went wrong with my webcam...but, that webcam looked so grainy and awful anyway, maybe it's just as well. I can do it with a regular camera, I am sure. I need to get a real phone. That'll never happen if Bug has his way. Jerk. Oh well. We will need it for GPS or something, and not have it, and he will say, why don't you get one of them fancy phones! I hope!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I have knitted so many hats. I do love them so. I am thinking about making a video of my in all my hats, and scarves...maybe everything I've knitted...that would be fun! Years later I could look back and say, I remember that hat. that was ten thousand years ago! Unless of course there's a zombie apocalypse and I become one of the undead and no longer know what knitting needles are for. I prefer to think I would be holed up somewhere, highly valued in the new society for my ability to make blankets and socks out of cat fur. Note to self....learn to make socks. I plan on doing very little today. I am in sort of a crabby mood and I don't want to have to deal with people. I am sure I will have to though. It always turns out that way. Started my fourth Dr. Who inspired scarf and have a foot of it made. I plan on this being the last. In fact, I'm giving the pattern to the people I made three of the scarves for,and then that will be that. I have a bunch of hats still to make for Ruby. I am also planning on making some hair bands. Fancy ones with cables and buttons. We'll see. This is pretty much all I do!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


I haven't been knitting as much. GASP. I just haven't felt creative. I'm barely crawling through life right now and I'm hoping things get better quickly. After all, I have a lot of yarn to use. I am working on a hat, of course, and hoped to learn to embroider with yarn on it, but it just didn't seem to work for me. I probably wont ever learn to do it, I think this is my second try. But. I never did learn the first time around. LOL.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I knot obsessively because if my hands are busy they aren't reaching for a cigarette. Or a razor blade or something more harmful. Working on my 3rd Who scarf...and hope I don't run out of projects.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Faux Fur

I have been enjoying the faux fur my bud Marcie gave me awhile ago---there were times I admit when I was hating that hard to work with shit....but to put a little edge around a hat, my dear, it's simply divine! And I am getting ready to make a handwarmer for myself in white with the black fur. It's been great to work with something that is a challenge. So I suppose winter must be my favorite season because I've been giving away hats and scarves to people left and right. It's nice to have something to help a friend stay warm. The hat I worked on for myself? Almost entirely completed in the dr. office. Talk about wise use of time. Keep on knittin!