Monday, December 1, 2014

Hopeful Future

Here it is the first of December and i am thinking optimistically of things to come. I ordered a tablet, so I am hoping to be able to post pics of my knitting a little easier. I view my laziness with disgust, that it's too much of a pain to take a pic with a digital camera, download the pics from the sd card to my laptop and then find them for whatever weird purpose... But being a lazy wench, yes, it would be better if I could take pics from a device and add them to my blog easily. (What do I want, exactly? For my thoughts to materialize with illustrations? Shudder...) I'm knitting the fuzzy variegated blue is lovely in color but what a total pain! I realize I will have to keep it as there are at least two pretty good mistakes i can't stop staring at, and if I wear it I wont care. I don't know what I'm going to do for mom...Christmas is coming fast, and I can't buy her anything..maybe a pedicure or find her a night gown....I don't know. I love her. That's for another blog. I am wearing the hood today, since it's cold and windy- but what a number it does on my hair...which doesn't need to be any rattier than it already is. I am even thinking of either blocking the hood or knitting the wings a little longer, then I think, nah, I'll just wear it.....

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