Thursday, December 18, 2014

Due Diligence

I am trying to like longer projects- change my mindset from, JUST GET THIS OVER WITH (and a sidenote- how much of my life have I failed to appreciate by just getting it over with??? Most of it, I am afraid. I am trying to learn PATIENCE.) so there I am knitting yards and yards of beige and I realize, this IS going to help me learn to be more patient. As if doctor offices and hospital rooms haven't. But I also am trying to ignore my inner critic- look at those crooked stitches...look at that..and that...replace it with, "It'll be ok when I block it later. Who cares?" I took the teal blue and fuzzy mess hat and cowl to Bonnie at the Doc's office, because of the millions of wonderful things that she does. I also picked up candy for the enormously adorable nursing staff at Canoe Brook, because they are so great. I couldn't survive without them. I am not kidding either. I couldn't make it a day. So, the long project clause is in effect (I can knit a hat in there somewhere if I get bored- or if someone needs one) and I am just doing my best to get by.

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