Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I let the dogs out this morning and it really looked like fall was over and the season had changed. The grass in Rod and Tess' back yard was all brown (we say brown, but it isn't brown. It's kind of yellow. Straw like) At any rate, the leaves are all down and the trees are naked and sad. This is the time of year when knitters are rampant! I don't have a season. I will knit in the 115* heat, just as easily as by the fire (I only wish I had a fireplace.) But I do feel that winter knitting is the best- and wearing the things you've made is awesome. Few years ago I bought a wrap on sale at wal mart for like a buck fifty and I am thinking of using it as a pattern for a knit wrap. Also, in wearing the hooded scarf....It might be perfect for someone about five feet tall, but I am going to either have to expand it or block it with heat-and the idea of knitting more of it just makes me tired so I guess we can all figure out what's going to happen.... I suppose it's nice to have something I can be so publicly passionate about= I am proud to be a knitter, I am happy to talk about it with strangers and I don't have to hide it or make excuses- much unlike anything else I've ever liked. So it's been good to me. And I think I'm going to make another wrap. And if I decide I want a hood on it....I might do it. The possibilities are endless!!!

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