Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Amazing that I love those damn hats so much. I took pics of them and put 'em on Facebook- like I needed any proof for my friends and co-workers to know I was a nutcase. I enjoyed making them and I love wearing them. That's why summer sucks!

Monday, April 14, 2014


I suck at crochet- and I've tried it. It's ridiculous that I can't get it. I was so disgusted the last time I tried that I went right back to hats. I am working on a hat for Ruby's grand daughter. I also decided I was going to get pictured of everything I made before giving it away...then my webcam went to crap so I am delayed until I purchase a new webcam. Frankly, that old webcam was crappy anyway- the only thing that disappointed me in my new laptop. Whatever, I am keeping up my knitting, and looking longingly at the crochet work of my friends. They make it look so easy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dr. Who

ALMOST done with the 4th and final Who inspired scarf. I got about a foot left. Then all the fringe and tying off. Maybe next week I will finish. Started a few projects for Ruby's granddaughters using the yarn she brought. I'm just going to free-ball it and see what happens. I love the funky ear flap hats, and the one I am making now is moss-stitch on the brim and flaps, which looks really nice. I love knitting! I had PLANNED on making a slideshow of my various hats- just the ones for my personal use- but something went wrong with my webcam...but, that webcam looked so grainy and awful anyway, maybe it's just as well. I can do it with a regular camera, I am sure. I need to get a real phone. That'll never happen if Bug has his way. Jerk. Oh well. We will need it for GPS or something, and not have it, and he will say, why don't you get one of them fancy phones! I hope!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I have knitted so many hats. I do love them so. I am thinking about making a video of my in all my hats, and scarves...maybe everything I've knitted...that would be fun! Years later I could look back and say, I remember that hat. that was ten thousand years ago! Unless of course there's a zombie apocalypse and I become one of the undead and no longer know what knitting needles are for. I prefer to think I would be holed up somewhere, highly valued in the new society for my ability to make blankets and socks out of cat fur. Note to self....learn to make socks. I plan on doing very little today. I am in sort of a crabby mood and I don't want to have to deal with people. I am sure I will have to though. It always turns out that way. Started my fourth Dr. Who inspired scarf and have a foot of it made. I plan on this being the last. In fact, I'm giving the pattern to the people I made three of the scarves for,and then that will be that. I have a bunch of hats still to make for Ruby. I am also planning on making some hair bands. Fancy ones with cables and buttons. We'll see. This is pretty much all I do!