Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I have knitted so many hats. I do love them so. I am thinking about making a video of my in all my hats, and scarves...maybe everything I've knitted...that would be fun! Years later I could look back and say, I remember that hat. that was ten thousand years ago! Unless of course there's a zombie apocalypse and I become one of the undead and no longer know what knitting needles are for. I prefer to think I would be holed up somewhere, highly valued in the new society for my ability to make blankets and socks out of cat fur. Note to self....learn to make socks. I plan on doing very little today. I am in sort of a crabby mood and I don't want to have to deal with people. I am sure I will have to though. It always turns out that way. Started my fourth Dr. Who inspired scarf and have a foot of it made. I plan on this being the last. In fact, I'm giving the pattern to the people I made three of the scarves for,and then that will be that. I have a bunch of hats still to make for Ruby. I am also planning on making some hair bands. Fancy ones with cables and buttons. We'll see. This is pretty much all I do!

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