Sunday, October 25, 2015


I haven't been knitting much. I'm on vacation and that seems to entail a STARTLING amount of napping. Cooking old favorites and new things I will never, ever try again (damn you Paula Dean's cinnamon rolls....damn you!) and TV. Lots and lots of TV.
I figure if I didn't have a job I would be one of those 600 pound people they have to break a wall down to drag the body to the morgue. Hell that may happen anyway.
So, still on the reverse cable scarf and the two color hat. I ought to take a pic of them just because, who knows if I will ever finish either one of them.
Also, watching The Bridge, again. This time it has Portuguese subtitles. It's one of those movies I watched probably a dozen times, several years ago. It makes me think of California, and suicide of course. Which is a dreadful and yet fascinating subject. The people who had the balls to leap off that bridge?? Respect. Sadness and respect.
Yeah so this is what I'm doing on my vacation.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why Can't I do ANYTHING Right??

This is going to be a whining post. And  Short one.
Why on earth can I not do something right? I started a two color hat (purple and cream) and I'm afraid it's going to be for a very small head. It's going to be fabulously warm, but...the tones of the cream and purple work against each other.
I suppose it'll be an emergency hat for when I see someone in the cold who really needs it. Who has a small head.
Still working on the reversible cable knit scarf. I keep it in my locker at work so I have something to do on break. It's crawling along.
Still searching for my next inspiring project. Haven't found it yet.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


I just discovered I could add pics from my phone like lickety there's a lot easier way for me to keep up with things I want to post. The day pictured I wore the Bee so I didn't have to wash or comb my hair. We went out to grab a burger and I enjoyed the cooler fall weather. I LOVE being able to wear a hat without sweating like a dray beast.
Then it got warm again and  hats were out. But that's ok. It's going to get cold sooner or later and I will be ready.


Dammit I have got to stop checking out Pinterest. I've seen some beautiful things, and lots of free patterns from Ravelry- I've been a member for years and almost never download patterns because I have no confidence in my skills and don't think I can follow the pattern or some such.
Still working on the purple reverse cable knit scarf, which is a Lion Brand free pattern (Because I am NOT going to pay for a pattern for anything. Ever.) And I started a two color hat in cream and purple that I am pretty sure is going to have to be saved for the next time I find a little kid that needs a hat. It's extremely thick and heavy work. I am disappointed it's not big enough for an adult head. Namely mine!