Thursday, May 31, 2012

Must. Have. More.Yarn!

Well I purchased another baby blue skein of yarn, which is weird because I don't know how much is going into the baby afghan with what I have. All of it, I think. And more. Plus I love working with that skinny yarn. And blue shows less dog hair. It's back to work this morning- and I have really had a nice time on my days off. Cleaned out closets and drawers for donations to AMVETS and tried to get the old desktop wireless...not sure what I'm doing wrong there, but it's not successful. I suppose I'll have to chip away at it in my slow, plodding way. I had terrible news on my days off that my boss- someone I have worked with for ten years- resigned. It's a shock, and awful, and a sad day for all of us. Everyone loved him, and it wont be the same without him.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nothing New

There isn't anything unusual going on. Still knitting the blue baby blanket. Still occasionally messing up the pattern but I seem to be haphazardly fixing mistakes and not having to do a lot of un-knitting. I haven't got a needle on anything else. Just this pattern. Forever and forever and forever. I am training myself to be ok with larger pieces. And now, there is something unsatisfying in a project that fits in my bad. Must look for larger bag. My ball of yarn keeps falling out and rolling several yards away before I realize it. It just compounds the absent minded aura I have. Day off plans, going to take mom antiquing. My left wrist is giving me a hard time. I can't turn it to look at my watch, typing hurts and knitting hurts. That's what I get for falling like a clutz. I hope it gets better. And like everything else, if it doesn't I'll get used to it.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A State of Zen

When the project is going smoothly, it's the most relaxing, rewarding feeling in the world....this baby blanket, in it's mostly multiples of three, the yarn overs, the k2together, the vast satisfaction of seeing the lacy pattern emerge is like being master of the universe. And then of course you mess it up and you have to count and un-knit and grumble..... That's probably why I love knitting. It's an analogy of life. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard. And sometimes the things that look easy are hard. And vice versa. It's a quiet Sunday morning, the birds are chirping, and I'm hoping my day at work is one that includes fun and air conditioning. That is NOT too much to ask for. Since my alarming fall Friday- tripping and flying through the air, landing on my hands and knees, which startled more than hurt me- I am improving rapidly. A few bruises...a little stiff when I first get up. Kind of like the aged lady I am anyway. I officiated at my dear friend Nancy's wedding in April and loved it. Can't wait to do it again and maybe get better at it. She was so sweet, and forgiving! I do love weddings, they usually make me cry. All that optimism and hope. I have never watched a bride float down the aisle without tearing up a little. It's a magnificent thing. I held my breath (not literally. Mentally!) until Nan got her completed marriage license in the mail. I think I was afraid the county would be jerks about it. But, I also think that people should have an option- if you don't belong to a regular church, and you don't want a sad little justice of the peace ceremony, you ought to be able to get someone like me who adds a a ceremony. My friend Monty said I added a goth touch. I reminded him that I was too old to be called goth. I was like this long before that term was used. I'm not sure what they called people like me back in the 70's, Hm. How did this post wind up here? Well, it continues, life, in its ups and downs. I just keep plodding along. One stitch at a time. One day at a time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Lace

I've been plugging away at my new project, which is a baby blanket for a friend's new grandson. It's easier. And being not white, the dog hairs don't show as blatantly. I am horrid. I tell myself that's why I could never go pro, living in a household with animals. Has nothing to do with my knitting being mediocre! Ha ha. It's my Friday. Days off plans include, not much of anything, a visit to the doc, some grumbling, laundry, taking mom to some kind of antique shop. I hope it's nice and not hot...keep hoping, huh. I have to get through today first. As a side note, carrying my ever-increasingly large projects around makes me look even more like a bag lady that ever! There's a HUGE ball of Bernat baby blue yarn in the black bag, and the piece, on circular needles, sort of....hanging out pitifully wherever I go. I throw it on the dashboard of the car when I go into Wal Mart...because, really, where else do I go that I can't knit? Well, better get ready for the day. I approach it with cautious optimism.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The White Blanket

I am still working on it. STILL! Of course, I am learning to deal with a larger project. Maybe learning patience. As if a knit project could teach me something I never got my whole life. Hmph. I am reasonably happy the last few days, keeping busy with the lace pattern I think I have absorbed...I haven't had to take it apart much and the few times I did, I got it back on the needles pretty easy. It's probably about three feet long. Maybe. My measuring skills....too lazy to get a tape measure or yard stick. I have no desire to smoke at home at all. Not even a little. It's a blessing and a miracle. I don't even miss it with my morning coffee. But I do have a hard time dealing with it at work. I keep trying. That's all I can do. I am hoping I can just keep going and not be plunged into madness or depression. And I'll keep knitting!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Long Project

The white lace baby blanket continues....I have made a few mistakes and sorted them out. It's frustrating for me to work on big projects because of my woefully short attention span. I usually stick to small things because of this. But I noticed I have purposely chosen to do larger things a few times to sort of get my feet wet. It's nice to just knit. For a long time. I may actually try a real throw sometime- and not one on giant needles, either, as I have done in the past. I have my eye on a pattern in my stitch booklet. It looks really hard. It probably is.