Thursday, May 31, 2012

Must. Have. More.Yarn!

Well I purchased another baby blue skein of yarn, which is weird because I don't know how much is going into the baby afghan with what I have. All of it, I think. And more. Plus I love working with that skinny yarn. And blue shows less dog hair. It's back to work this morning- and I have really had a nice time on my days off. Cleaned out closets and drawers for donations to AMVETS and tried to get the old desktop wireless...not sure what I'm doing wrong there, but it's not successful. I suppose I'll have to chip away at it in my slow, plodding way. I had terrible news on my days off that my boss- someone I have worked with for ten years- resigned. It's a shock, and awful, and a sad day for all of us. Everyone loved him, and it wont be the same without him.

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