Sunday, May 27, 2012

A State of Zen

When the project is going smoothly, it's the most relaxing, rewarding feeling in the world....this baby blanket, in it's mostly multiples of three, the yarn overs, the k2together, the vast satisfaction of seeing the lacy pattern emerge is like being master of the universe. And then of course you mess it up and you have to count and un-knit and grumble..... That's probably why I love knitting. It's an analogy of life. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard. And sometimes the things that look easy are hard. And vice versa. It's a quiet Sunday morning, the birds are chirping, and I'm hoping my day at work is one that includes fun and air conditioning. That is NOT too much to ask for. Since my alarming fall Friday- tripping and flying through the air, landing on my hands and knees, which startled more than hurt me- I am improving rapidly. A few bruises...a little stiff when I first get up. Kind of like the aged lady I am anyway. I officiated at my dear friend Nancy's wedding in April and loved it. Can't wait to do it again and maybe get better at it. She was so sweet, and forgiving! I do love weddings, they usually make me cry. All that optimism and hope. I have never watched a bride float down the aisle without tearing up a little. It's a magnificent thing. I held my breath (not literally. Mentally!) until Nan got her completed marriage license in the mail. I think I was afraid the county would be jerks about it. But, I also think that people should have an option- if you don't belong to a regular church, and you don't want a sad little justice of the peace ceremony, you ought to be able to get someone like me who adds a a ceremony. My friend Monty said I added a goth touch. I reminded him that I was too old to be called goth. I was like this long before that term was used. I'm not sure what they called people like me back in the 70's, Hm. How did this post wind up here? Well, it continues, life, in its ups and downs. I just keep plodding along. One stitch at a time. One day at a time!

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