Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The White Blanket

I am still working on it. STILL! Of course, I am learning to deal with a larger project. Maybe learning patience. As if a knit project could teach me something I never got my whole life. Hmph. I am reasonably happy the last few days, keeping busy with the lace pattern I think I have absorbed...I haven't had to take it apart much and the few times I did, I got it back on the needles pretty easy. It's probably about three feet long. Maybe. My measuring skills....too lazy to get a tape measure or yard stick. I have no desire to smoke at home at all. Not even a little. It's a blessing and a miracle. I don't even miss it with my morning coffee. But I do have a hard time dealing with it at work. I keep trying. That's all I can do. I am hoping I can just keep going and not be plunged into madness or depression. And I'll keep knitting!

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