Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Lace

I've been plugging away at my new project, which is a baby blanket for a friend's new grandson. It's easier. And being not white, the dog hairs don't show as blatantly. I am horrid. I tell myself that's why I could never go pro, living in a household with animals. Has nothing to do with my knitting being mediocre! Ha ha. It's my Friday. Days off plans include, not much of anything, a visit to the doc, some grumbling, laundry, taking mom to some kind of antique shop. I hope it's nice and not hot...keep hoping, huh. I have to get through today first. As a side note, carrying my ever-increasingly large projects around makes me look even more like a bag lady that ever! There's a HUGE ball of Bernat baby blue yarn in the black bag, and the piece, on circular needles, sort of....hanging out pitifully wherever I go. I throw it on the dashboard of the car when I go into Wal Mart...because, really, where else do I go that I can't knit? Well, better get ready for the day. I approach it with cautious optimism.

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