Friday, December 31, 2010


I got sick Wednesday morning and languished in bed until Friday morning- spewing a lot, more than I ever have. Doc Thompson predicted it was a virus and gave me some promethazine that I actually threw up at least three times. Then the intestinal misery traveled downward, and now I've got a headcold. YAY! I was afraid 2011 was going to be too good a year.
So at least I think I can deal with an upper respiratory thing. Not smoking, I may get over it a lot faster.
My dear animals have been so good.They've been the only company I can stand.
I didn't pick up my knitting until late last night (the scarf I'm making for my brother) and today I've done a bit. I have to be at work at 10 so I was planning on getting something done, but I haven't felt much like it.
Next year's going to be better.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Balls of Yarn Everywhere

As often happens when I am at loose ends with no definite goal, I've started too many projects. I did finish a pair of purple booties- and of course found immediately why I stopped in the first place. There was a mistake in the knit-purl ribbing. Boo! Found a pattern for knitted Mary Janes and bravely wading through the pattern on that one (With stitch counter in place. Every time I use one of my counters I think, Thank God I've got that thing, I'd be lost without it) and of course I deviated from the pattern right off, using smaller needles, so who knows. I paused, stricken by the idea of knitting my brother a hat and maybe a scarf- and I'm almost done with the hat. Navy, white and sky blue. There's a reversible scarf in white started and now abandoned with the pattern in the Sewing Room (Jeez when I feel better I need to get in there and at least unwrap all the yarn the cat's strung around chair legs and stuff.)I think that's it.
Cindy has challenged me to devise a new pattern that combines sewing and knitting. We're keeping it secret and revealing our ideas in February. I had an instantaneous brainstorm to invent some kind of shoe. I told her, I think I have an idea and it's something every dolly needs. So I thought about it and I'm still thinking about it. We'll see how the MJs do.
I'm off today, but Doc Apps. Yucko!
Another thing every dolly needs is a catalog. I think it would be cool to take pics of the outfits so people could look at what we have and get what they want. I wonder if I can do that at Walgreen's or something? Kinkos? Are there still Kinkos?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Little Yellow Hat

I started the hat out on my new circulars I sanded down to size 10 or so. I then switched them to dpn because the diameter is so small it's hard to shift the stitches around and I figured double points might be easier to work and to decrease. We'll see. The sweater is so cute!
Got home from my first day back at work yesterday and was in bed before 7! Wore out! I missed Christmas Eve completely. Now at work I'll be faking it til I make it with Christmas. Boo!
Glad it's almost over, and I love hearing my friends' tales of disaster and success. I do like this time of year- brotherly love and all. Ha!
I found a pattern for reversible cables and started it last night (Right before the big crash. This morning I found a giant ball of white yarn and my new big bamboo needles on the headboard. The pattern calls for size 8 needles and I wanted something bigger.
Look at me, checking out patterns and making informed decisions like a grown up!
Anyhow, it's Christmas Day and I feel my morning pill kicking in- one of the last ones from the hospital, so I'll be switching back to normal pills now!
This morning I missed cigarettes a little. I am very proud of myself that through all this drama and stuff that I haven't started smoking again. But it really is a habit I hate. Disgusting, dirty and expensive, all bad, no good can come of it.
So I'll be knitting a lot!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Much Changed

I'm considering just giving up where I am on the throw, utterly sick of it. I am not motivated to do a lot the last couple days but I hope I can develop the ability later on. We'll see. I'm tired of acting like I'm at a race. This is a hobby to enjoy, not get stressed over deadlines. And it can't go anywhere until after the new year anyhow. I am just shaking my head.
It's cold today, I feel...kind of weird. It's probably a hormone-arama because I woke up sweating and too hot last couple nights. All the fun of the hormones without knowing when it's done. Great.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cabled Torture

I'm pretty sick of this project. I've taken some time out to sew a bit- which is so fun and promises to yield profit someday! But the throw! The throw! I am so disgusted that I picked white, of all colors to drag around hospitals and doctor's offices. And the picture included illustrates, I bought three big skeins of yarn for this project, figured I'd use two. I'm almost through one, and the idea of doing two whole skeins is repugnant. I's probably three feet long. I wanted at least five. Two whole balls or yarn must go into it!
Chloe is even bored with it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cabled Throw

I have made progress on the white cabled throw, almost using one whole giant ball of yarn. Thanks to my short attention span I am already sick of it and looking at other projects. I have sewn a couple adorable little onesies for the baby dolls, and plan on making a yellow sweater to go with the celestial overalls I am planning. But I've got to get this stupid throw done. I'd say it's close to a yard long, and very pretty. Sick of it!
Bug has a doc appointment today and though I don't feel much like it I better go. Great.
This whole year has been a bad continuation of the crappiness of last year. It's gotta get better.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


In reading about knitters' various philosophies about our craft I am continually reminded that I am ever and always a poor person creating things for other poor people! I buy inexpensive yarn you can wash, that wont fade and that comes in great colors. I wish I could afford alpaca and luxury yarns, but then who can afford to pay for a hat? Or a doll sweater? And then, if it's to really wear, you can't wash it. Well, you can, but you can't wash it and throw it in the dryer.
I like creating practical things people can use. I don't want to be a high class knitter who wont touch anything but natural fibers, or sell a hat for 60 bucks and break even on what I paid for the yarn. I want people to use their knits, get them dirty, wash it and do it all over again.
But even I can admit how nice it is to feel soft, fluffy yarn in your fingers.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am working on my largest project since the Who scarf so long ago- this is a pure white cabled throw for my mother, hopefully for Christmas, and looking at it, I have got the cables perfect.
I wanted something easy, just one color of yarn (and this ball of yarn was the size of a bowling ball when I started so there was not room for any more color)and not a lot of fancy stitching. I am working on a #6 circular needle (to keep from dropping one or losing it) and the cabling done with my long golf tee- I can't imagine why they make cable needles with golf tees around. It's ideal, the big end keeps the tee from falling out. It's a little bigger than my #6.
I'm all prepared for the hospital tomorrow. I doubt I'll feel like knitting much but if I do I have it all set.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Project

I started a throw for mom- cast on 160 st on a #6 circular needle, all rib stitch and cables...I couldn't find a pattern I liked the looks of so I made up my own. I hope it's not going to shrink up all over when the ribstitch starts forming itself.
Knitted a pair of yellow booties to go with Brandy's yellow sweater, and Bug went shopping for yarn for me and bought the PRECISE color I needed. God he's good.
I made a hat for my friend LT who I do so adore.
Working all the time. I have surgery Friday, so I'm not sure how I'll come out. If I'll come out. Oh, of course I will. I have so much more to do.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


One of my best work friends has earned a promotion and will be leaving my department....I am so sad about it! Who will do the cryptoquote with me? Or crosswords? Which one of us lazy assholes even gets a daily paper. *SIGH* I will miss him. Terribly! My Sarah taken away and now Jeff to the same department. Good for them, and only what I want for my dear children! But I miss them. Keep up on Facebook I guess.
Speaking of Facebook, I put up some pics of the sweaters. I am proud of them. Sort of! Then again, it's just weird.
My dogs are trying to comfort me. They do. That's why I hate getting attached to people, they go away! Then of course, not being attached sucks too. Well, it's good they are talented and smart enough to get better jobs. I am just selfish.


Dolls are pretty cute! My obsession with knitting has been augmented lately by my current feeling like shit. It's about all I feel like doing. But after this surgery I hope I'm better. I haven't felt like fishing, doing's all I can do to make it through a shift. Days off I need to do laundry and maybe cook some fish.
Ugh. I don't know.
At least the smoking is going well! I'm not doing it! I'm afraid I'm going to have a 7 year depression. I just can't do that.
For productivity today there's a completed purple doll set. I'd like to get sewing. I have plans for a Ren Baby....grommets, headpieces and strings of pearls.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Already half my day off over and I'm no further ahead than I was! Rigmarole with PMT and pharmacy. I am planning on making meatballs with pasta tonight. Bug went to Wal Mart for us, since I haven't had the urge to go shopping since I had last surgery, and I will probably not like the results. I gave him a specific amount...a small list...and he saw tulips first thing. I love tulips- they fascinate me with their beauty, variety and history. I never look at them without thinking of the Dutch and their prized tulips. And eating them.
Christmas is coming, and it'll be nice to have it over with. Though I don't do a lot of holiday stuff, I see what it does to the people around me. Some of them really love this shit, others are more like me.
Working on gorgeous purple doll set. Almost done with the sweater, then on to the hat.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


The wind is raging outside and I'm thinking I'll have to take myself to work today as the Bug is unwell. I hate wind! Don't know why, my hair's already messy.
The last couple days at work have reminded me why I like my job so much. I do love my co-workers and appreciate the job that pays my bills and finances my knitting habit. I would hate not having this place to go to nearly every day. Close to home, relatively easy, very's my dream job. If I'd ever had one besides being bass guitarist for a heavy metal band. Ah, dear! How times change! I bet if I was playing bass in a band in a dingy little dive I'd be thinking, I wish I was strolling around a casino paying out jackpots and bullshitting with people all day....I get paid for doing this!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Ruby was delighted to get the scarves and hats for the girls yesterday, and I was delighted to be finished with them. I started a doll sweater in white to cleanse my brain. Cables and very cute.
Pain level variable, which makes work a trial. It's all good though! I've got two more weeks of suffering, then maybe I'll feel better. I am incredibly anxious worrying if I'll be well enough to work after a week...I mean, the laparoscopy was tough enough- they're gonna be taking shit out this time.
I'm just going to have to keep going. I haven't got a choice.