Saturday, December 25, 2010

Little Yellow Hat

I started the hat out on my new circulars I sanded down to size 10 or so. I then switched them to dpn because the diameter is so small it's hard to shift the stitches around and I figured double points might be easier to work and to decrease. We'll see. The sweater is so cute!
Got home from my first day back at work yesterday and was in bed before 7! Wore out! I missed Christmas Eve completely. Now at work I'll be faking it til I make it with Christmas. Boo!
Glad it's almost over, and I love hearing my friends' tales of disaster and success. I do like this time of year- brotherly love and all. Ha!
I found a pattern for reversible cables and started it last night (Right before the big crash. This morning I found a giant ball of white yarn and my new big bamboo needles on the headboard. The pattern calls for size 8 needles and I wanted something bigger.
Look at me, checking out patterns and making informed decisions like a grown up!
Anyhow, it's Christmas Day and I feel my morning pill kicking in- one of the last ones from the hospital, so I'll be switching back to normal pills now!
This morning I missed cigarettes a little. I am very proud of myself that through all this drama and stuff that I haven't started smoking again. But it really is a habit I hate. Disgusting, dirty and expensive, all bad, no good can come of it.
So I'll be knitting a lot!

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