Wednesday, December 8, 2010


One of my best work friends has earned a promotion and will be leaving my department....I am so sad about it! Who will do the cryptoquote with me? Or crosswords? Which one of us lazy assholes even gets a daily paper. *SIGH* I will miss him. Terribly! My Sarah taken away and now Jeff to the same department. Good for them, and only what I want for my dear children! But I miss them. Keep up on Facebook I guess.
Speaking of Facebook, I put up some pics of the sweaters. I am proud of them. Sort of! Then again, it's just weird.
My dogs are trying to comfort me. They do. That's why I hate getting attached to people, they go away! Then of course, not being attached sucks too. Well, it's good they are talented and smart enough to get better jobs. I am just selfish.

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