Sunday, December 19, 2010


In reading about knitters' various philosophies about our craft I am continually reminded that I am ever and always a poor person creating things for other poor people! I buy inexpensive yarn you can wash, that wont fade and that comes in great colors. I wish I could afford alpaca and luxury yarns, but then who can afford to pay for a hat? Or a doll sweater? And then, if it's to really wear, you can't wash it. Well, you can, but you can't wash it and throw it in the dryer.
I like creating practical things people can use. I don't want to be a high class knitter who wont touch anything but natural fibers, or sell a hat for 60 bucks and break even on what I paid for the yarn. I want people to use their knits, get them dirty, wash it and do it all over again.
But even I can admit how nice it is to feel soft, fluffy yarn in your fingers.

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