Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Balls of Yarn Everywhere

As often happens when I am at loose ends with no definite goal, I've started too many projects. I did finish a pair of purple booties- and of course found immediately why I stopped in the first place. There was a mistake in the knit-purl ribbing. Boo! Found a pattern for knitted Mary Janes and bravely wading through the pattern on that one (With stitch counter in place. Every time I use one of my counters I think, Thank God I've got that thing, I'd be lost without it) and of course I deviated from the pattern right off, using smaller needles, so who knows. I paused, stricken by the idea of knitting my brother a hat and maybe a scarf- and I'm almost done with the hat. Navy, white and sky blue. There's a reversible scarf in white started and now abandoned with the pattern in the Sewing Room (Jeez when I feel better I need to get in there and at least unwrap all the yarn the cat's strung around chair legs and stuff.)I think that's it.
Cindy has challenged me to devise a new pattern that combines sewing and knitting. We're keeping it secret and revealing our ideas in February. I had an instantaneous brainstorm to invent some kind of shoe. I told her, I think I have an idea and it's something every dolly needs. So I thought about it and I'm still thinking about it. We'll see how the MJs do.
I'm off today, but Doc Apps. Yucko!
Another thing every dolly needs is a catalog. I think it would be cool to take pics of the outfits so people could look at what we have and get what they want. I wonder if I can do that at Walgreen's or something? Kinkos? Are there still Kinkos?

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