Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Already half my day off over and I'm no further ahead than I was! Rigmarole with PMT and pharmacy. I am planning on making meatballs with pasta tonight. Bug went to Wal Mart for us, since I haven't had the urge to go shopping since I had last surgery, and I will probably not like the results. I gave him a specific amount...a small list...and he saw tulips first thing. I love tulips- they fascinate me with their beauty, variety and history. I never look at them without thinking of the Dutch and their prized tulips. And eating them.
Christmas is coming, and it'll be nice to have it over with. Though I don't do a lot of holiday stuff, I see what it does to the people around me. Some of them really love this shit, others are more like me.
Working on gorgeous purple doll set. Almost done with the sweater, then on to the hat.

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