Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am working on my largest project since the Who scarf so long ago- this is a pure white cabled throw for my mother, hopefully for Christmas, and looking at it, I have got the cables perfect.
I wanted something easy, just one color of yarn (and this ball of yarn was the size of a bowling ball when I started so there was not room for any more color)and not a lot of fancy stitching. I am working on a #6 circular needle (to keep from dropping one or losing it) and the cabling done with my long golf tee- I can't imagine why they make cable needles with golf tees around. It's ideal, the big end keeps the tee from falling out. It's a little bigger than my #6.
I'm all prepared for the hospital tomorrow. I doubt I'll feel like knitting much but if I do I have it all set.

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