Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well-I wont be posting as much in the future, possibly, but that's ok. I figure no one will notice anyway! I'm getting geared up to disconnect my internet and TV-- really, there are 23 channels on antenna and I can take my computer to work if I need to do anything with wifi. I will still be knitting! Probably knitting more than ever! I hope to save about $200 a month without the delicious, deadly Uverse. Yep. Gourmet TV is about to go. So without TV and internet I should really be knitting a lot. We shall see! ****Oh, I am a big ol' drama queen. I am embarrassed to say I have decided to find a way to keep everything I want. I think. More like I accept the fact that I am going to be paying a crippling entertainment fee this winter. I don't care. There's nothing else to do! It's too cold.****

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