Friday, November 7, 2014


SO I started knitting the little red riding hood and used an entire skein just on the hood. Couldn't find another skein when I checked WalMart and thought...well, there's some red that's pretty I checked back and found a single skein of the Berry Red (or Red Berry. Not sure which.) So I knit the back of the hood....then I've got this long thing and I'm thinking, I will need at LEAST two or more skeins of this stuff...can't find it. So I choose the CLOSE color. And I bought two large skeins in case I need it. And in some lights, you can hardly tell the difference. The original is a little tiny bit lighter, with more yellow, and a little shine. The new color is duller, darker and redder. And in other lights it just doesn't even look like the colors are in the same family. CRAP! Lesson learned. Buy a lot if you plan on making something big. But I didn't plan on making something big. It just went that way. I also went back to one of those fancy schmancy scarves in black I made a long time ago, unraveled and then rolled into a ball. I fished it out and started it about 8 times, each time less satisfied with the ruffliness. That's floating around in my bag because the Red Hood is no longer portable. I don't know what's going to happen next. Maybe a hat.

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