Sunday, June 29, 2014

Neopolitan Hat

The light doesn't do this magnificent hat justice, but I love it! I am also probably keeping it. And knitting a scarf to go with it. Started the brim with a 'moss stitch'- or my interpretation of one. I didn't do a rib stitch at all and I love the way it hugs onto your head without the structure of ribbing. I have made many many hats this way, then added ear flaps, but this one, I just thought, I can't do that to you, you pretty, pretty hat. I am going to wear your ice cream colors as is. So the scarf is going to be a 'moss stitch' too. All that is it, k-p-k-p-k-p and then the next row p-k-p-k-p-k- on and on and on. In the three colors. I am sure I will go crazy at some time, but I am in the mood for a not too much thought pattern. Of course I really need to be getting in gear with K's baby gift, but I have til August...I think...

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