Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's September 1st! I view this with mixed feelings. Fall is coming, yay. Winter is coming. Boo. I love fall though, everything about it! Except maybe the ragweed. Which of course has given me a sinus infection. I'm taking antibiotics. Maybe I'll get to feeling better. Trying to render my sewing room habitable. So so. And, conscious that it's September, I began to work on my Marie costume a bit. I decided to use the gold fabric to make a sort of corset and underskirt, and then use the black to make a big poofy gathered up over skirt and bodice. There should be all sorts of scraps to make bows and ruching and extras. I have been knitting so much that my sewing has fallen by the wayside. Now I must do it all!
I'm over half through with the Whoscarf, and not displeased with it as yet. I found a plastic carry bag so I can put it in with a few balls of yarn and keep my other hat-knitting bag free.
I bought Almay PureBlend makeup last week- it was on triple sale of $4 and seemed like a good deal to try. I forgot that I have never ever had any luck with the Almay brand, and this time was no exception. The tinted moisturizer (for that is what it is) was VERY greasy feeling and no coverage. I have pretty good skin so I didn't care about the translucence but the grease! I broke out almost immediately. Used it two days then quit because the pimples were erupting everywhere. GROSS!!! I am so throwing that shit out. I also noticed that my mascara was all under my eyes because it smeared in the oiliness when I blinked. What a mess, It was disgusting. I hope I remember this next time I'm tempted to try Almay. It's not as disappointing as when I realized mineral foundation made me look 10 years older, but close. Almay seems like it should be so great, and I was hoping that my older skin would do well with something supposedly pure and natural. HMPH. No luck there. So far the L'Oreal Age Perfecting is ok, but the color is just a little off. I'm sort of bluish and the yellows and orangey shades just look bad on me.
Well! That was boring.

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