Monday, November 14, 2011

Poncho Challenge

Once again I find myself starting a project- clumsily- because of my mom.
We were at J C Penney and I saw a knit poncho I liked. Mom was all, well, I'll get it for you. I said, It's 80 bucks. She said, well that's too much. I know! I say. I can make that. No you wont, she replies, and so the journey begins.
I looked online at all kinds of pics, patterns and pieces. I bought yarn last night (not enough, I don't think.) I started the cowl neck, two color rib stitch which is harder than I remember. Of course it's the third or fourth start. First on big circulars, then on small ones because I kept getting lost. I plan on transferring the work to larger needles once I make sure it's not all twisted.
It's a lot of mind work. But I found two shades of purple I love and I think it'll be soft and beautiful when I finish it. I am making a small test pattern on my Jane West doll.
I have spent most of my adult life trying to prove her wrong. I wont quit now!

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