Friday, September 13, 2013


No! It's not the latest broadway musical, it's what I just had. I am hoping I'm over it. I am feeling better, anyway- but did I knit a lot the last four days. I finished the basket weave scarf- not quite the length that I envisioned but good- and made a huge Dr. Seuse like toboggan with the giant scarf in progress now- purple and green, the yarn that Darla gave to me. The hat makes me very tall. For a while there all I was able to do was knit and sleep. And take pills. Until I got the steroids nothing seemed to be improving, but finally, thanks to Bug, I got them and I'm coming along nicely. Still looking out for my next project- this will be crucial for avoiding smoke at work. It's always been so easy at home. And then I get to the job where cigarettes are everywhere. I just have to remember what I felt like the last two weeks--and the better I feel the harder it is to remember! Idiot. I would love this to be for real this time. Not just a temporary quit. The money saved, the COPD avoided, lack of hassles with the old man..I can only try to be strong and stay cool. And knit~!

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