Thursday, September 19, 2013


I am back to the cream, brown and turquoise throw. I am making progress an inch at a time. I'm taking it to work in hopes that I can finish it.....someday. Having a few issues with my keyboard. It's ridiculous. My poor laptop is so ancient and worn out, but still, I keep using it. While I was sick with pneumonia I knitted so much! I also knitted a hat almost entirely in the doctors office, where I had a 3 hour wait. I was reluctant to take the throw with me because of its burgeoning size so the hat is brown, cream and turquoise. A simple toboggan with a giant ball. I have made half a dozen of those this summer. Speaking of that, summer is nearly officially over, and Fall coming along fast. Yay! I can't wait to wear hats and scarves. I will be bitching when it gets cold, but I will at least be wearing a cool scarf for it. So I continue to knit- crochet hasn't really floated my boat much. I will probably try it again.

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