Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainbow Hat

I started on the Rasta hat and what surprises me is that I don't have a lot of little bits in my yarn basket. Oh WELL!
I am going to collect things to take to Linda for the booth- including knits, which I may or may not reduce in price. I need to take Debbi M a boy set, and I happen to have a cute one in green....we'll see. I love her, she's been at work longer than I and was one of those people that was immediately friendly, no warming up period (which most people in a high turnover place require....why bother to learn names if they aren't going to stay?)
I have a knitting book in my basket which cost 35 cents. there are some cool patterns in there, a gorgeous tasseled stocking hat for one. I love novelty hats...and Revelry as the coolest assortment. Anyone can make a knit a cap. But the weird ones...they are special. Like me! Short bus special.

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