Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hats and Booties

I've knitted hats and booties like crazy. I hope to expand easily from doll things to actual baby items. Cindy and I are hopeful that we can get a bigger clientele, and I think we can. We are both very good at what we do.
I am smoking. I hate it. But I am determined to quit, because it's already making me cough and snot. What a filthy habit. Repulsive!!!
I have plans today that don't involve knitting. Lots of house work and organizing. I am off three days, this one so I can go to dentist and do something with the tooth I broke Saturday night on sunflower seeds, of all things.
I just want life to be relatively low stress and reasonably happy. I'm not expecting the world. It would be nice though. But damn, just a little peace of mind would be acceptable.

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