Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Shop

I found a yarn shop in Claremore called Unwind, and it was there that I found three sets of new needles- a pair of size two bamboo- so slick and sharp- and two pairs of circulars, both short ones- 16 inchers. I love them! They are nearly identical to the two pair I had to carve down from size 11 to 6 myself, using elbow grease, sand paper and patience. I am working on a baby hat and booties in blue for my friend Christine, and have a lot of the blue lace baby afghan completed...but not all. Still struggling with that. It looks like it might be nice today. I haven't got any plans. I don't even want to put on clothes. On the upside, my feet are doing better. The new inserts helped, and the flare up on my horrible left one seems to be subsiding. So there are things to be grateful.

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