Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I had a perfectly good post started about what I've learned as a knitter, and I ruined it completely by including some decidedly not-knitting information such as, I learned that when things are good they can go bad really fast. Ugh. So, I need a pat on the back for how far I've come in knitting- not that I haven't got a long way to go- but I have learned how to follow a pattern (although I am pretty sure I've never gone beyond 'intermediate' or 'advanced' on one.) While I have never tried an experienced pattern (OK might have tried it never finished.) I feel like I will some day. Complicated lace instructions are something that grow on you. And my most recent failure of the two color intarsia...well, I am going to try that again, one day. The hat brim is on the needles, waiting for me to grow the cojones. So that's where I am, getting there-though I have a bad bad habit of ending knitting projects short. I'm talking afghans and things like that. I always preferred mufflers to scarves, as well. Maybe I will really really quit smoking this time. Haven't had one since Monday. I wasn't smoking much- just at work- but it was needing them that bothered me. So keep knitting! Learn and master something new. Enjoy my hobby that is useful and beautiful. I can give people I like things that they can use.

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