Sunday, October 13, 2013

Green Scarf

Because I do not have enough shit to drape around my neck, I am knitting a green scarf to go with some leg warmers I made last year...though I can't really recall where leg warmers are right now and I am not sure I would ever wear them. I also have another idea for a hat--skidding halt--not an original idea, but one I haven't tried yet. A simple beanie with no rib stitch band. I think my knitting pisses off everyone I'm related to or anyone who is around me very long. Don't much care. I figure it's the only thing that keeps me even marginally sane. Being pulled between people just leaves me feeling stretched out and miserable. Ugh why are people so mean? I am not even remotely looking forward to work. Just not feelin' it y'all.

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