Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hats....Dammit I Forgot the Baby Blanket

This is the hat I was knitting for mom when she died. I have a huge head compared to her. I wanted it to be warm and beautiful. I haven't even weaved in the ends. 
This didn't turn out like I wanted but it would be warm. 

I made two just alike. This is the bigger one. Warm and practical.

I followed a pattern on the one above. Following a pattern is so fussy. FOR THE BIRDS. I am more of a seat of your pants knitter.
Next time I will get a pic of the blanket I spent two frickin' months on. Better do it before I give it so Crystal. I got it washed and dried, and I don't think I'm going to block it. Turned out ok.
I got a new couch and love seat and I am thinking of knitting a big cabled throw...just realized I ought to drag out the white one I made mom. Get some use out of it,

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