Friday, March 27, 2009

More weather....

The sound of distant thunder is vaguely ominous. There's snow predicted this weekend as well, though the warning has dwindled from 3-12 inches to an inch of slush. Good! I hate slush but not as much as snow in almost April.
I am working on a yellow scarf but after that I think I shall do something grand and dramatic, like follow a pattern a friend gave me for a cap. I am not much of a pattern follower. I didn't learn how to use a pattern in sewing until I was in my 40's. So this will be a learning experience. I have checked out how to follow a knitting pattern and I am feeling a little braver about it.
Why I love knitting reason #1- it's portable. I can take my knittin' sack with me wherever I go. I can knit in waiting rooms and long car trips. My knitting sack is a pretty pink floral quilted bag I got for 8 bucks at the drug store, it has numerous inner pockets to organize things and keep my car keys from catching on my thread. It's a great tool for my budding hobby.

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