Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She's Not Very Good

Well! I went to visit my parents my days off. Nice trip. Had to leave Bug at home because of his back. He didn't feel like a 4 hour car ride one way. I took my knitting, of course. My mother looked at the yellow scarf and told me I needed lessons. I am far too stupid to profit from lessons. And I am a crappy knitter. I realize this! I only do it to keep from smoking. Later on I over heard my mom on the phone telling my aunt I was knitting a scarf and adding, "She's not very good."
I'm nearly 45 years old. It matters what my mom thinks? Not really. And I am surrounded by people who can crochet and knit beautifully. My sister is a real artist when it comes to any kind of hand-craft.
My first reaction was to take all my yarn and throw it out, or box it up and forget it. But...I'm not doing this for any reason but to get over cigarettes. So it doesn't matter that I suck. I just have to keep doing it. So I picked up my needles and went on.

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